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The Oracle

Tarot Card Meanings may vary from deck to deck but the basic symbolism and element stay the same. It’s the symbolism, and mood of the card that needs to be interpreted, not by simply regurgitating what it says in the book, but by letting your intuition decide how the message needs to be interpreted.

Of course, you should refer to some sort of reference to learn the symbolism and the keywords but I’ve heard many Tarot readers say that once they’d learned the basics they simply threw the book away (not literally).

As you’re learning the Tarot Card Meanings; you will relate to the story behind the picture. This may evoke feelings and bring back good and bad memories from your past experiences. It’s much better to feel the card than simply memorize the book.

Tarot cards are your tool; it’s really your intuition and psychic ability that does the work. See the card as a trigger and then let your third eye guide you. It won’t let you down.

You should decide if you want to read reversed cards too, Tarot Card Meaning can change when ill-dignified. It’s a personal choice and you should do what feels right for you, some Tarot Card Readers do read reversed cards and some don’t.

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