5 Critical Things To Know When You're Starting A Tarot Journal

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So you're finally starting a tarot journal but you don't know how this thing works or what you need to put in it. Relax! Starting a journal for anything, especially Tarot, can be intimidating.

Tarot reading is a process. You can turn to UK tarot reading experts for guidance, but it is still a personal journey of exploration of oneself, the world of tarots, and the connection between you and the cards. To keep track of this journey, it is advised that you keep a journal. By keeping your own tarot journal, you provide a space to take note of all your questions and learnings. Here, you can record all your readings and even create your own readings as you cultivate your relationship with the Tarot.

If you're only starting out on this journey, here are the 5 things you need to know before you begin writing on your tarot journal:

1. Keeping a Tarot journal is extremely personal.

Learning and understanding the Tarot is also opening yourself and your soul to Tarot cards. By mirroring your life unto the Tarot cards and vice versa, you allow yourself to become vulnerable and yet stronger at the same time as you seek inner wisdom. You discover things about yourself that you may have not known before. The more you engage in Tarot reading, the more it is going to be a part of you – a reminder of your life and how to steer it.

If you want to start with this journey, know what you are in for.

2. You will be creating your own library of meaning.

Sure, you can always start by referring to your Tarot textbook to see what a card means, however you should also remember that the journey of Tarot reading means becoming a part of the Tarot and the Tarot becoming a part of you. Soon enough, you wouldn't need the textbook because you'd start creating your own meaning.

Having a personal connection to the Tarot and building your intuition in reading is only one of the results of this journey. Since Tarot reading is personal, expect that your readings will be personalized to you or the person you are reading the card to.

As you develop this connection with the Tarot, use the journal to aid you. Try to remember card readings and symbols by jotting them down along with personal experiences that go with it.

3. You will notice your progress.

This is the point of the Tarot journal – at least part of the point. When you keep track of your Tarot journey with a journal, you are able to write down every question asked and answered, and you also get to write down every card drawn and their interpretations. Since your memory can only handle so much, the journal takes care of everything that you may forget. And this is a good thing. Once you decide to go back to check your progress, you will see how you have grown and changed. You will see how you have improved as a Tarot reader as well.

4. It will teach you to pay attention to every detail, including your own intuition.

While Tarot may appear strange and mysterious to many, it being personal opens you not only to yourself but to other people as well. When you open up to another person or if another person shares personal thoughts with you, you create a bond. You also learn to be more mindful about the little details that you would otherwise ignore on a normal day. You become more patient as you observe your own life and/or the life of another.

5. You will learn how to take care of yourself.

Self-awareness is a powerful thing. When you understand why you are lonely or struggling, you would know how to cope. This is what the Tarot does, and this is aided by Tarot journaling. It speeds up the process because you get to see how you fare and how you are improving. By constantly having to reflect on your life through the cards, you allow yourself to understand your life and you allow yourself to be more patient. When you draw a card, you take your time and start to question how it relates to you, or if it's telling you something you should do about your life. The card and your tarot journal will help you push you towards what is good and what needs to be changed in your life by letting you know about yourself.

The journey is exciting but it can be a little intimidating as well. Despite the intimidation of keeping notes of all you're ever going to learn in Tarot reading, it is best to remember that by keeping track of your journey, you keep track of your progress in Tarot and in life.