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Aquarius ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb )
TodayMonday - October 19, 2020

Oct 19, 2020: You're feeling pretty nutty today, and don't want to hide it! Why should you, anyway? Your ideas help keep life interesting, and if that means putting some people off, then so be it!

TomorrowTuesday - October 20, 2020

Oct 20, 2020: You finally figure out some mystery that has been bugging you lately. Try to make sure you can explain the answer to the right people -- that might take a bit of thought! You can do it, though.

YesterdaySunday - October 18, 2020

Oct 18, 2020: Something small provokes your conscience today -- though it may have nothing to do with anything you are responsible for. Maybe it's time for you to rethink some part of your values system.

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