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Aquarius - ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb ) Aquarius ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb )
Sunday - February 28, 2021

Your relationships are requiring more energy today, Aquarius. Sunday’s skies offer the chance to take a deep-dive into your heart, your past, and your worries all at once—as the reflective Virgo moon makes a series of thought-provoking connections. It’s an ideal day to speak your truth, as action feels part and parcel to the day. Later, the moon slides into Libra, brightening your mood and refreshing your perspectives.

Monday - March 01, 2021

Your mind is hungry for a fresh perspective, Aquarius. Monday’s skies arrive with the perfect antidote, as the moon cruises through option-weighing Libra. You’re in need of a new environment, a fresh philosophy, and the ability for movement. Luna’s strong connection to both expressive Mercury and aspirational Jupiter should help you expand your horizons while also offering you strong charisma throughout the day.

Saturday - February 27, 2021

Be kind with yourself today, Aquarius. You’re likely still reeling in feelings after last night’s sensitive full moon. Give yourself room to process any unsettling relationship material that may have cropped up. The moon floats through introspective Virgo all day, offering opportunities for therapeutic release with a trusted confidante or mate. By evening, Luna and blissed-out Neptune collide, stirring up self-created mirages around your potential.

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