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Leo - ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug ) Leo ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug )
Tuesday - May 14, 2024

The universe will push you to break unhealthy habits today, dear Leo, as the Capricorn moon cozies up to transformative Pluto in your solar sixth house. You'll notice a harmonious shift once Luna migrates into Aquarius, ushering in the new moon this afternoon. Use this energy to set intentions around maintaining balance, though love or beauty magick will also go over well under this lunation. Consider connecting with your friends or a romantic interest later tonight when Luna blows a kiss to Mars, bringing forth a passionate energy that's perfect for forging bonds and connecting with the special people in your life. 

Wednesday - May 15, 2024

Good vibes will bless your love life today, dear Leo, as Venus and Saturn join forces in the sector of your chart that governs matters of the heart. Use this energy to meditate on what you really want in a partner, placing a special emphasis on what contributes to your sense of security and your views on fighting for success. Tension may fill the air midmorning as the Aquarius moon squares off with rebellious Uranus, and you may feel as though someone else is trying to block your personal growth. Luckily, you'll have a chance to reclaim harmony as the day continues to unfold, though you may need to focus on self-care.

Monday - May 13, 2024

Your love life is sure to heat up in the coming weeks, dear Leo, as the sun enters Aquarius and the sector of your chart that governs matters of the heart. This solar placement could bring forth unexpected encounters and whirlwind romances, though these bonds won't stand the test of time unless they're rooted in intellectual stimulation and mutual respect. You'll feel like breaking free from your shell this evening as the Capricorn moon aligns with Uranus, marking the ideal occasion to hit a yoga class or connect with friends. Dreamy vibes will fill the air as the day comes to a close, allowing your cares to temporarily melt away.  

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