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Leo ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug )
TodayWednesday - August 05, 2020

Aug 5, 2020: Whether you're just starting a relationship or in one already, you can expect your quiet little romance to get amplified quite a bit! Suddenly this person wants to be wherever you are, doing whatever you want to do, and they have a lovely way of showing it! If there is no special someone in your life right now, the romance you feel today will show itself in one of your friendships. A thoughtful gesture will bring you almost to the point of happy tears.

TomorrowThursday - August 06, 2020

Aug 6, 2020: Someone you care about could throw a wrench into your plans, and you'll have to do your best to avoid getting angry about not getting what you want. Work with them to solve their problem, and not only will you be seen as a helpful and kind person, but you will also help remove that wrench and get things back on track. See? Sometimes being selfless and helping someone else enables you to help yourself! That's what you call a real win/win situation.

YesterdayTuesday - August 04, 2020

Aug 4, 2020: If you've been trying to start a new romance, or you're just looking to amp up the romance level in your current relationship, today could give you a wonderful opportunity to do just that! You can create the perfect environment for some sizzling moments and show a certain someone how much you value them in your life. After all, isn't romance all about making someone realize how special they are? It's one thing to flirt and flatter and quite another to be open and vulnerable about how you feel.

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