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Leo ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug )
TodayFriday - January 15, 2021

Jan 15, 2021: If you've been waiting for a time to sway someone to your way of thinking, you could have the perfect opportunity today. When everyone is at a loss about what to do, you should toss in your ideas. Take them with you into your creative mind. You can inspire them with your most off-the-wall thinking. Convince them that taking the path of least resistance is no longer the smartest way to go. Your energy and enthusiasm will inspire others.

TomorrowSaturday - January 16, 2021

Jan 16, 2021: Why are you putting things off? The time for procrastination is over, and the time to get going has almost passed! If you don't move forward, an important person might start to doubt that you know what you're doing. And even if that is true, you can't let them know it! It's time to use your bravado, add some of your best guessing, and just go for it. Pretend that you have total conviction in your decisions. If you have to fake your enthusiasm, go ahead and fake it.

YesterdayThursday - January 14, 2021

Jan 14, 2021: At work, now is the time for you to be a model employee in every sense of the word. Important people are keeping an eye on you! Resist the urge to goof off when you have some free time. If you can, go back and double-check your work to make sure you've covered all the details. Become self-centered in a professional sense. You should only pay attention to things today that will help you or your career. Gossiping doesn't make the cut.

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