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Sagittarius - ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec ) Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )
Monday - October 24, 2022

You may want to take some time to refine your image online today, dear Sagittarius, as the Libra moon shares a sweet connection with serious Saturn. This cosmic climate will ask you to present yourself in a more professional manner, especially if you're hoping to build up your public presence. Your passionate and flirtatious nature will come out to play when Luna blows a kiss to Mars later in the afternoon, making it a great time to heat things up with that special someone. However, conversation will act as the ultimate foreplay, so try not to skip through such pleasantries. 

Tuesday - October 25, 2022

Emotions you've been shoving below the surface could boil over today, dear Sagittarius, as the solar eclipse manifests in the sector of your chart that governs the subconscious. This cosmic climate won't be an easy one to navigate, and you may feel as though your mood is inconsistent, ranging from elated, to crestfallen, or downright exhausted. Give yourself permission to take a break from the bustle of your normal life, using this time to process whatever feelings come up right now. You should also be mindful of your actions, as there's a risk self-destructive behaviors could come into play. 

Sunday - October 23, 2022

You'll be deep in the feels when you awaken this morning, dear Sagittarius, as the sun and Venus move into Scorpio. This cosmic climate will activate the sector of your chart that governs the subconscious, pressuring you to acknowledge your patterns so that you might evolve for the better. While this cosmic climate will certainly have heavy moments, you'll also be blessed with opportunities to release grief and feel light. Meanwhile, the moon continues its journey through Libra, which will bring forth social satisfaction through the digital realms, though you should be mindful that your favorite apps aren't becoming too much of a distraction. 

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