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Sagittarius - ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec ) Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )
Friday - July 30, 2021

Pleasure before productivity is key today, Sagittarius. The enthusiastic Aries moon encourages you to find a stage of your own and shine up on it unabashedly. Luna’s square with transformative Pluto can highlight financial stresses and confidence issues in need of shoring up. Later, the moon’s sweet link with happy-go-lucky Jupiter uplifts the mood and brings mental equilibrium before moving into grounded Taurus.

Saturday - July 31, 2021

You’re stretching yourself like never before, Sagittarius. For you, Leo season is all about learning how to dream the dream and step out of your comfort zone—and you’ve been doing just that. The third quarter moon arrives in steady Taurus today, illuminating what needs changing around your approach to workflow and health. In order to succeed on your mission, inner and outer organization is necessary.

Thursday - July 29, 2021

It’s easy to lose your cool today, Sagittarius. Irritable Mars locks into a tense opposition with your ruling planet, visionary Jupiter. This aspect can bring frustration to travel and education plans, while generally heating up exchanges. It’s important to get into your body today and acknowledge any underlying anger. Mars slips forward into hardworking Virgo too, giving you a boost of energy to apply towards career goals until September 14.

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