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Sagittarius - ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec ) Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )
Tuesday - May 18, 2021

You may be wrestling with a few mental storm clouds today, Sagittarius. The moon cruises through dream-chasing Leo, helping you step back and see the big picture trajectory of where you’re currently headed. Luna’s opposition with serious Saturn can make all the little details feel overwhelming, but fortunately, the moon’s supportive link with Venus and Mercury help restore faith and optimism in your process.

Wednesday - May 19, 2021

You’ve been busy getting your ducks in a row, Sagittarius. This time of year presses you to get organized and become efficient in your craft. Today’s first quarter moon in playful Leo highlights the current changes needing to be made between your day job and your dream job. Meanwhile, bond-building Venus aligns with stabilizing Saturn. So, this is bringing grounded, future-oriented relationship talks to your world.

Monday - May 17, 2021

Monday’s skies work to uplift your spirits, Sagittarius. The moon drifts from dreary Cancer into playful Leo, helping you embrace a new perspective and search for a fresh change of scenery. Elsewhere, lover Venus merges with the North Node of fate, bringing destined interactions or revelations to the relationship front. Whatever messages come up today guide you towards the next step in your connection with love.

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