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Taurus - ( 20 Apr - 20 May ) Taurus ( 20 Apr - 20 May )
Sunday - October 17, 2021

While it may seem simple, part of your life’s work is to learn to relax, Taurus. You tend to keep all engines firing when it comes to your commitment to your work, often to the point of burn out. Sunday’s skies hone in on the tension of this narrative as the self-focused sun locks eyes with emotionally raw Pluto. This pairing draws your attention towards any inner dynamics that need shifting around your work/life balance.

Monday - October 18, 2021

You’ve been dedicating heaps of time and energy to your current work and health circumstance, Taurus. Today’s skies bring some welcome clarity to these arenas as messenger Mercury finally ends its retrograde phase, delivering a much-needed sense of resolve. Elsewhere, go-getter Mars forms an uplifting connection with visionary Jupiter, helping you take decisive action towards your highest ambitions.

Saturday - October 16, 2021

You can’t seem to avoid the social spotlight under Saturday’s skies, Taurus. The universe is encouraging you to get out and connect with your community of people today as the moon drifts through soulful Pisces. The low-key atmosphere makes it easy to enjoy yourself, but Luna’s square with lover Venus may lightly stoke emotional tensions on the relationship front.

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