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Taurus - ( 20 Apr - 20 May ) Taurus ( 20 Apr - 20 May )
Saturday - July 02, 2022

Get ready for a rough ride today, dear Taurus, as the day kicks off with a harsh connection between the Leo moon and Uranus, who is currently camped out in your sign. These vibes may leave you feeling a bit more emotionally unstable than you'd like, though grounding and meditation can help you find your center. Avoid lashing out at the people around you, no matter how frustrated you're feeling, as you could end up in a serious conflict that's difficult to resolve. Give yourself permission to unplug and embrace self-care and luxury this evening when Luna connects with Mercury. 

Sunday - July 03, 2022

The moon moves into Virgo today, dear Bull, activating the sector of your chart that governs creativity and fun. Use this energy as an excuse to blow off some steam before another workweek begins, even if doing so means you'll need to put off a few of your chores or errands until tomorrow. A connection between Mercury and Pluto will trigger a desire for the finer things in life, but it would be easy to go overboard with your spending right now, so try to set a reasonable budget if you decide it's time to go shopping.

Friday - July 01, 2022

Self-doubt or an overly pragmatic disposition could cause you to miss out on opportunities or blessings from the universe today, dear bull, as Mars and Pluto square off in the sky. Fight these wonky vibes by embracing your optimistic side, a task made easier thanks to a sweet alliance between the Leo moon and glimmering Jupiter. Take some time to tap into your gratitude while indulging your senses later in the afternoon, when Luna blows a kiss to Venus. These vibes are also ideal for shopping and self-care, so don't hold back if you decide you're overdue for some TLC. 

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