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Taurus - ( 20 Apr - 20 May ) Taurus ( 20 Apr - 20 May )
Friday - July 30, 2021

The universe is encouraging you to pump the brakes today, Taurus. Your ruling planet, bond-building Venus, locks into an adjustment-demanding aspect with responsible Saturn. This aspect highlights tension between creative self-expression and your career goals. Meanwhile, the Aries moon calls for the need to withdraw, recuperate, and rest before slipping into your sign. Rather than plow ahead, take the hint and slow your pace.

Saturday - July 31, 2021

You’re hard to locate this time of year, Taurus (as you should be, since Leo season encourages you to withdraw into your family unit and shore up your family foundations). Today’s third quarter moon arrives in your sign, highlighting adjustments needing to be made between your sense of independence and your duty to your family. How can you honor your newly emerging identity if you’re stuck in the past?

Thursday - July 29, 2021

Thursday’s skies make it easy to get riled up, Taurus. Look for tensions to emerge around your aspirations on the career front that trickle down to family connections, as hotheaded Mars opposes visionary Jupiter. Following that, self-motivated Mars moves forward into capable Virgo, where it remains until September 14. Mars’ presence here brings an enlivening boost of energy to your romantic and creative life.

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