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Taurus - ( 20 Apr - 20 May ) Taurus ( 20 Apr - 20 May )
Thursday - April 13, 2023

Keep your eyes peeled for signs and synchronicities today, dear Taurus, as the stars align to bring guidance and blessings from beyond the veil. Any messages you receive will help direct you toward a brighter future, so be sure to follow your intuition while allowing the mystic within to explore. Try not to become distracted or gloomy later this evening as Luna squares off with Chiron, threatening to close off your third eye if you don't direct your attention toward higher thinking. Good vibes will flow later tonight when the moon aligns with Uranus, marking the ideal occasion to work with positive mantras or the law of attraction.

Friday - April 14, 2023

Your star will rise today as the Capricorn moon aligns with Neptune, then Venus, darling Taurus, allowing you to effortlessly elevate your social standing. Be sure to carry yourself with optimism and joy, while pursuing relationships, activities, and tasks that can help you get ahead. However, you may want to keep a mysterious allure in the process as Mercury and Jupiter align, encouraging you to hang onto your secrets. Try to get a meditation session under your belt this evening when Luna cozies up to Pluto, dramatically improving your intuition and ability to connect with the other side.

Wednesday - April 12, 2023

Venus, your planetary ruler, cozies up to ethereal Neptune today, sweet Taurus, bringing a sweetness to your aura while elevating your social standing. These vibes are perfect for rubbing elbows and networking, as people will be particularly receptive to your charms. Unfortunately, you may encounter jealousy from others when Luna becomes agitated this afternoon, but try not to lower your standards of decorum if you're confronted by a few bad apples. Luckily, the universe will step up to bring support and joy your way later in the evening, when Luna makes her debut into Capricorn, activating the spiritual sector of your chart. 

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