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Gemini - ( 21 May - 20 Jun ) Gemini ( 21 May - 20 Jun )
Tuesday - May 18, 2021

Don’t expect to keep still all day, Gemini. You’re craving movement and should aim to get out and be a part of your local neighborhood. The expressive Leo moon prompts you to find outlets that help you tell your story. Luna’s opposition with Saturn can dampen moods and provide an overly serious outlook on your grand visions. But fortunately, her positive meet-up with Venus and Mercury help you maintain optimism.

Wednesday - May 19, 2021

You’re shedding your skin, Gemini. While it’s not exactly a comfortable place to be, it’s critical that you lean into this process of release and renewal. Today’s first quarter moon in self-concerned Leo points to changes needing to be made around bettering your metal health. Meanwhile, gift-giving Venus supportively aligns with realistic Saturn, helping you ground down and forge a path forward with your newly budding vision.

Monday - May 17, 2021

Monday’s skies bring potent messages to absorb, Gemini. Lover Venus unites with the North Node of fate in your sign, bringing identity and relationship revelations to your doorstep. Let this energy provide the next step in learning to value yourself in a new light. Meanwhile, the moon departs from deep-feeling Cancer and moves into expressive Leo, brightening the atmosphere and turning up your need for contact.

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