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Scorpio - ( 23 Oct - 21 Nov ) Scorpio ( 23 Oct - 21 Nov )
Monday - October 24, 2022

You'll feel light and full of love and the sun continues its journey through your sign, sweet Scorpio, forming a cosmic alliance with harmonious Venus. These vibes will encourage you to walk with grace, which is sure to attract the adoration of your peers. Meanwhile, the Libra moon shares a sweet aspect with Saturn, helping you control and make sense of your deepest emotions. Opportunities to showcase your skills will manifest when Luna blows a kiss to Mars, making it a great time to step out of the shadows and into the limelight, but remember not to reveal all your secrets at once.

Tuesday - October 25, 2022

The solar eclipse manifests in your sign this morning, dear Scorpio, bringing a rush of intensity to your aura. This cosmic climate is poised to elevate and empower you, though issues may arise if you misuse your position. Avoid pandering to malicious or obsessive thought patterns, especially if they involve other people. Focusing on your personal goals will help you make the most of this transformative luminary event, which means if you have to fixate on something, let it be finding success. Just remember to nurture your relationships in the process, lest you are accused of being too self-involved.

Sunday - October 23, 2022

You'll wake up feeling elated — like the world is your oyster today, sweet Scorpion, as the sun and Venus soar into your sign early this morning. This celestial shift marks the official beginning of your season, and the stars will align to assist your goals as another solar return nears. However, there's a good chance you won't be in the most social mood as the moon continues its journey through Libra and the sector of your chart that governs the subconscious. Give yourself permission to fly under the radar, so you can secretly plan out the birthday festivities that lie ahead.

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