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Scorpio ( 23 Oct - 21 Nov )
TodayWednesday - September 23, 2020

Sep 23, 2020: It's true that today won't exactly be jam-packed with exhilaration and adventure, but you won't be bored either! The shenanigans a friend or co-worker are proving to be very entertaining, although you won't be taking a direct role in them. You might be a passive audience member, but your laughter and applause will be critical in keeping all the fun going. You're also in the right frame of mind to see your surroundings in a whole new way.

TomorrowThursday - September 24, 2020

Sep 24, 2020: As you acquire an increased awareness of the world around you, you will also be privy to an increased awareness of the problems that exist. This education is an awakening for you. You have the feeling, more and more, that you have an important responsibility to be part of the solution to the problem. Get involved in helping the community and you'll find you have a stronger sense of hope than ever before. The world is a beautiful place even if the beauty takes some effort to see.

YesterdayTuesday - September 22, 2020

Sep 22, 2020: Today should be a good day, especially if you plan to follow up on someone's progress. They're much further along than you expected, and it will warm your heart to see how they're thriving. However, details regarding a project might escape you right now if you aren't paying careful attention. You should ask someone else to double-check your work. It will give them the opportunity to feel useful, and it will help you know what to look out for next time.

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