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Scorpio ( 23 Oct - 21 Nov )
TodayThursday - August 06, 2020Flirt

Aug 6, 2020: You're dreaming about a long trip somewhere you've never been, and today's good energy could help you make it happen. Get a close pal to come along with you when you go!

For Singles

Aug 6, 2020: Thinking of love as an arena in which you can win or lose doesn't help matters. It's just self-defeating. Instead, think of looking for love as an endless series of opportunities to learn and grow—and to have fun.

For Couples

Aug 6, 2020: Don't be surprised if your partner is able to talk you into something you weren't sure you wanted to do. They can be very persuasive, and right now you're willing to go along with their ideas.

TomorrowFriday - August 07, 2020Flirt

Aug 7, 2020: A dating situation may take a nosedive today, but that's no reason to bail. Of course, you may have other reasons for wanting to leave, but make sure you're not going to regret it later!

For Singles

Aug 7, 2020: The merry-go-round of romance is making you dizzy. Stop this crazy thing—you want to get off! Your wish is the universe's command. You get a period of rest and relaxation to recharge your batteries.

For Couples

Aug 7, 2020: You're going to have to deal with any trouble that arises today as directly as you can. There's nothing to be gained by stalling for time or playing dumb. Get busy and figure out what to do next.

YesterdayWednesday - August 05, 2020Flirt

Aug 5, 2020: At least one big, crazy dream is on the agenda for tonight, so make sure you're paying attention! If you can't remember anything in the morning, that could mean you've already got the message.

For Singles

Aug 5, 2020: What's ultimately most important to you when it comes to romance? You could be rethinking your priorities now, and that's a good thing. Why not update your love philosophy?

For Couples

Aug 5, 2020: Your partner could present you with a situation that seems almost too good to be true. But it is indeed true, and it's all there for you. Allow yourself to get caught up in the moment.

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