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Virgo - ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep ) Virgo ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep )
TodayWednesday - December 28, 2022Love Overview

Glittering, golden stardust sizzles amongst the stars today and tomorrow, Virgo. You’ll feel a positive energy arising today and growing stronger going forward. This is because the mighty sun, our great luminary, in your solar fifth house of true love and romance will square dance with glorious Jupiter, our great benefic of miracles and expansion, now orbiting in your solar eighth house of intimacy. This is a time to live large and prosper as you follow your heart. Your mood should be especially euphoric as you seize the day and create the love story you’ve always wanted. No matter where you currently stand, be sure to know that you are worthy of living in pure and total pleasure.  


You may find that people don't respond as well to your ideas today, but only if you're talking about their issues or projects! Nobody wants to be told what to do, so get creative with your own stuff.

TomorrowThursday - December 29, 2022 Love Overview

As the wheel of time turns, we watch as seasons come and go, Virgo. Today is the official beginning of winter, as the mighty sun freezes and shivers as he marches atop the mountaintops of Capricorn. This is a zodiac season also ruled by elemental earth, embodying cardinal energy. This is a very bustling and positive time of the year for you as you are able to move more easily toward your goals and heart’s desires. We have found the time when the days are short and the nights are long, but know that from this point forward you are marching back toward the light.


You need to get some love today, and it's easier than you think! Of course, if you're seeing someone, you know what to do. Otherwise, get out there and see what's going on!

YesterdayTuesday - December 27, 2022 Love Overview

Feel the wind beginning to turn your sails, Virgo. A new era of luck is upon you starting tomorrow! Jupiter, the giver of miracles and growth, is turning a corner in the sky. He takes twelve years to roll through the sky like a racecar, spending about a year in each zodiac sign. Now, as he dances in the heavens of Aries, you are being encouraged to strike while it’s hot regarding your love life. Waiting will not appeal to you, as Arian energy burns brightly and passionately. Know that if you are assertive and direct, you’re more likely to manifest whatever it is that you desire. 


Someone is causing some serious tension at home or maybe at work, and you need to cut through it, if possible. You might have to pull them aside and tell them to stop. Or maybe you should just ignore it!

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