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Virgo - ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep ) Virgo ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep )
TodayFriday - August 12, 2022

Connect with your constituents, Virgo. As the moon enters your opposite sign, Pisces, you might feel notably vulnerable. Reach out to your work friends to establish your rapport while touching base with other important professional relationships. However, make sure that you remember any professional boundaries that are in place since the lunar energy can be overly mutable. You do not want to accidentally overstep, especially if the lunar energy illuminates a sensitive side of your working relationships. Plus, the lunar energy can lack personal boundaries, suggesting that you could be taken advantage of if you are not careful!

TomorrowSaturday - August 13, 2022

Express your concerns about your professional commitments when the moon in Pisces opposes Mercury in your sign. A much-needed conversation might be overdue, Virgo. You may have some feedback, concerns, or negotiations regarding your arrangements that need to be addressed. Do not wait for a second longer during this mutable opposition. Seize the moment by asking for an opportunity to meet and discuss before moving forward. The other party involved may even have something they want to bring up! Organize the points you want to bring up to have a clear idea heading into the discussion. 

YesterdayThursday - August 11, 2022

Change is coming, Virgo! Something in your daily work life will come to fruition during the full moon in Aquarius. It might be news about a job opportunity or project you have diligently worked toward. You could use the lunar energy to let go of unproductive work habits, routines, or even your current occupation if you are ready for a change! As the full moon unfolds, Venus will also enter Leo. Take a step back to focus on your creative pursuits behind closed doors during this Venusian cycle. It might be best to keep some projects a secret!

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