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Virgo - ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep ) Virgo ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep )
TodayFriday - July 30, 2021

The stunning moon will dance from your solar seventh to eighth house today, Virgo. This will draw attention to your business assets—which could include loans, venture capital, credit cards, or debts. You also will have an opportunity to assess your employer’s benefits at this time, so if you’re in the process of receiving a commission or bonus, you could review where it currently stands. The moon only visits each of your sectors for about two days every lunar cycle—so, if you’d like to make some shifts for the month to come, do so now.

TomorrowSaturday - July 31, 2021

You are the envy of the cosmos now, Virgo. Recently, the great motivator, Mars, turned a corner to enter your zodiac sign and supercharge you above all others. Having Mars in your solar first house is a major advantage for all business, competitive, and activity goals. We only get the red planet roaming within our zodiac sign once every two years—so, while you are likely to notice a surge of energy and intensity electrifying you, it is of vital importance to get to work launching your most significant professional initiatives. You will easily dominate conversations, meetings, and affairs. So, by all means, take the lead. 

YesterdayThursday - July 29, 2021

A significant opportunity will present itself for you today, Virgo. Mighty Mars, spinning in your solar twelfth house, will stand opposite lucky Jupiter in your solar sixth house of employment. You may now find that one of the ideas you’ve been germinating and developing behind-the-scenes gets the green light to move forward at your job. Your brilliance will be rewarded as you can take the lead and show the world what you’ve got. This project could become a jewel in your crown and end up making your resume even more competitive. Set up meetings, pitch your ideas, and watch as you are rewarded.

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