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Aries - ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr ) Aries ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr )
TodayWednesday - December 28, 2022

Think about what and who you want to stand by, Aries. Daydreaming of what you could accomplish and who you could do it with may come to mind when Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. You might be concerned with your professional commitments and working relationships, especially if you are wondering how these aspects can play into your career path. Given that Neptune is somewhat hazy at this time, it would be best to have a clear idea about your commitments so that nothing escapes your attention to detail. 

TomorrowThursday - December 29, 2022

Watch out, Aries! Today’s first quarter moon will be brimming in your fiery sign, acting as your cosmic cue to stand out in the professional crowd. But doing so might be more challenging than anticipated since Mercury will station retrograde in Capricorn. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn may take a hit on your career path, professional status, reputation, and legacy. It might be unlikely to successfully launch anything new during Mercury retrograde. But you can use this time to take a step out of the spotlight to reflect on what you may need to want or change. 

YesterdayTuesday - December 27, 2022

Embrace your inner introvert, Aries. Since the moon will enter Pisces today, you may feel more introspective than usual. This might take you a little out of the social scene at work, which is not usually like you since you like being in the middle of whatever is going on. But the lunation is quiet and sensitive, implying that you may feel more subdued instead of being your typical boisterous self. Use this lunar energy to reflect on what you can do to feel more self-assured at work. It could be an incredibly productive lunation for self-reflection!

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