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Aries - ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr ) Aries ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr )

For The Month Of October 2023


Sociable and Intense

Relationships will be high on the agenda this month until October 23, Aries, so this is a great time to forge agreements, negotiate, and make deals in general. You’ll also be eager to enhance your social life and spend more time with close ones. Talkative Mercury will be in Libra from the fourth to the twenty-second, which can enhance communication and make it easier to hold fruitful discussions.

Plus, lovely Venus moves into Virgo and your lifestyle sector on October 8, so you’ll find it easy to get along with coworkers and others you connect with in everyday life. Are you ready to change your habits? Link up with friends who share your goals and it will be much easier.

Dynamic Mars, your guide planet, heads into sizzling Scorpio on the eleventh for a stay of six weeks, which means you’ll develop a laser-like focus that can help you get things done. Superficial activities might not appeal to you, but anything involving a mystery and detective work certainly will.

On October 14, the new moon and solar eclipse are in tactful Libra, which can herald a new start in a key relationship. This looks like a very positive time when moving a relationship forward, taking on a business partner, or collaborating can be helpful.

The radiant sun eases into intensive Scorpio on the twenty-third, which means the coming month or so is a great opportunity to let go of anything that no longer serves your best interests. You already know where you have blocks and difficulties, and this is your opportunity to deal with them.

Finally, there’s a powerful lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28 that highlights money and your financial potential. You might have a desire to splurge, but try to rein this in. You might also realize that you have hidden talents that have been languishing unused. Now is the time to make some money from them.


The change in communicative energy as Mercury leaves Virgo—the sign that likes to be right—for airy Libra on October 4 will take some adjusting to. With this chatty vibe in your seventh house, Aries, you’re a lot less likely to argue and a lot more likely to want to compromise. Like who even are you?!

Your power planet Mars pairs with intense Scorpio, the other sign it rules, starting on the eleventh, boosting your sexiness and sense of intrigue. Even if you feel something special for someone, you don’t have to put it all on the line. Let them wonder about it for a while.

The sun follows Mars into shadowy Scorpio on October 23, increasing your secretive mystique. It isn’t your intention to drive a current or potential partner crazy, but you’re a very frustrating yet alluring puzzle now. Good luck to anyone who tries to figure you out!

On the twenty-eighth, a mischievous Mercury-Jupiter opposition arrives and puts winning at the top of your romance to-do list. Is there anything you won’t turn into a contest? You don’t seem to think twice before crossing the line, which will be a turn-on for some people and a turnoff for others.


A solar eclipse in your opposing sign of Libra on October 14 is an absolutely fantastic way to help you understand lessons of leadership. The overall vibe will force you to embrace the ideas of others and contemplate using them in your career. You might feel extra support from your peers and colleagues at this time, putting you at the top of your game and in a position of authority.

You’re going to feel the lunar wave of the eclipse on the twenty-eighth. This lunar event might even mean that your desire to show off your inventive side will have to take priority over other precedents and expectations at work. It’s also a vibration that will trigger you to step out of your normal routine and create unique processes that benefit your career. One thing’s for sure: your power is activated, so use it to your advantage.

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