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Pisces - ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar ) Pisces ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar )

For The Month Of January 2023


A Dream Come True

Pisces, you might be ready to bring a dream to life and get 2023 off to a fabulous start. The sun in Capricorn and your sector of long-held wishes could inspire you to walk your talk and get things moving. Just the act of taking those first few steps can inspire you to keep going and see it through to the end.

Until January 20, the sun journeys through the sector encouraging you to broaden your social horizons and move in new circles, so you’re also in a peak social time of the year. You’ll want to connect with influential people, and this is a great opportunity to do just that.

However, with a full moon in Cancer on the sixth, emotions could be more intense than usual. You might feel vulnerable and defensive, and this could show up in your interactions with a partner or others. This isn’t the best time to go on a first date, because you could find it difficult to relax and be truly yourself. You could be overly anxious, which would spoil the vibe.

Feisty Mars turns direct in your home zone on January 12, which is good news, especially if your plans have been delayed. You can make progress now, especially if you used recent weeks to build a firm foundation for your current plans.

You enter a quieter phase when the sun moves into Aquarius and your spiritual sector on the twentieth. The coming four weeks are your time to relax and recharge. Use this opportunity to find closure on issues, finish whatever you started, and leave a clean slate for when the sun moves into your sign next month.

Finally, the new moon in Aquarius on January 21 is an excellent time to take up a practice like yoga, tai chi, mindfulness, or anything else that can help bring you greater peace of mind.


There’s honestly no telling what might happen when loving Venus hooks up with oddball Aquarius and your house of karma and the unconscious on January 2. There’s a lot of weird vibes swirling around this transit, but being taken out of your comfort zone regarding love isn’t such a bad thing. Your dreams are wild and quite telling.

Your instinctive home planet Neptune is still linked with your imaginative sign as it sextiles the sun on the thirteenth, which can cause a big spike in sensitivity. If you get a certain feeling about someone, be sure to explore it further. There are forces at work now that you can’t see but are definitely real.

On January 21, a new moon rises in humanitarian Aquarius that again highlights your subconscious zone and leads you to opportunities to help others. If you’re partnered up, you might be called on as a team to act in some charitable capacity. If you’re single, attending an event with other volunteers could lead to love. The more you give, the more you get.

Beautiful Venus, ruler of love and money, partners with your selfless sign on the twenty-sixth and reminds you to focus some time, attention, and cash on yourself. This transit happens in the “me” house, which is something you don’t always think about. But take this to heart, dear Pisces: making an investment in yourself now will pay off in your love life later. Mark these words and make it happen.


This month opens with a financial reward for your hard work that you may have been worried about. You are so talented and have so much knowledge on many subjects, and it’s high time that you display these aptitudes on a larger scale. This is the momentum you need to help keep you on track. You now have the motivation to keep it moving even as the world goes through some major shifts. You could feel calmer than usual in January, and you might even feel deep in your soul that something is about to change for the better!

If you’ve felt shy about making the first move in any capacity, the shift of Venus into your sun sign on January 26 can help give you the boost of confidence you need. It isn’t easy to put your work out there and bare your soul to the world. In this case, you’ll be met with incredible love and major respect, which will last much longer than this month.

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