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Pisces - ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar ) Pisces ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar )

For The Month Of March 2023


New Perspective

This month gets off to a positive start with the sun powering through your sign until March 20. And there’s more as talkative Mercury moves in on the second, followed by stoic Saturn on the seventh. 

Saturn’s change of sign is big news for you, Pisces, because it will be moving through Pisces for around two years. If you’ve had a tendency to drift and dream, this serious planet will encourage you to be more disciplined. If you can develop positive habits and a can-do attitude, you’ll find it easier to bring your dreams to life.

This month’s full moon takes place in Virgo and your relationship sector on March 7, and it can highlight feelings that might have been swept under the carpet. With electric Uranus in the mix, insights into someone’s behavior or a difficult situation could yield gold. You’ll know exactly what to do next, and following through can bring about healing or the right solution.


On the twentieth, the sun moves into sassy Aries and your personal money zone. It joins jubilant Jupiter here, giving you greater confidence when dealing with your finances. The key is to be bold but not impulsive. You might have great ideas for a business or side hustle, but avoid taking any actions that could negate all your previous efforts.

The Aries new moon on March 21 is great for all kinds of new beginnings. Whatever you want to start, go for it now.

Intense Pluto also changes signs this month, moving into Aquarius and your spiritual zone on the twenty-third. There could be a strong emphasis on spiritual and psychological growth. You’ll also develop a better understanding of how to deal with endings and letting go of the past.

Finally, warrior Mars moves into Cancer and your leisure sector on March 25, which means the coming six weeks or so can be excellent for creative and romantic activities. It’s time to relax and enjoy life.


Your love life is enjoying the happiness that comes with the sun traveling through your optimistic, dreamy first house early this month, Pisces. You should be getting a romantic surprise from the Universe at some point during the 30 days that surround your birthday. If you haven’t already received it, get ready!

Communicative Mercury moves into your overly sensitive sign on March 2, which can cause you to revert to sarcasm and passive-aggressiveness at times when you’re feeling unsure and insecure. Deep down, you know these actions will only alienate you from a current or potential partner, but you can’t stop yourself.

On the seventh, structured Saturn also drifts into your idealistic, lovestruck first house and urges you to make some of your romantic dreams a reality. It sounds like a lot of work for someone like you who is a self-admitted procrastinator, right?! But if you can get into this motivational energy, you can really turn your daydreams into real-life scenarios, which sounds both terrifying and fantastic at the same time.

The sun leaves your shy sign for outgoing Aries on March 20, increasing your confidence and desire to succeed. No matter what your love life looks like right now, putting yourself out there and making more of an effort will only make things better. If you believe in yourself, you can move mountains.


The energy around the spring equinox begins early for you, Pisces, when the Virgo full moon and Saturn’s entrance into your sign, both on March 7, offer you a moment of introspection and a sense of completion that’s almost exclusively peaceful. You might find yourself thinking of some of the things you wanted to accomplish but haven’t yet, but you’re likely to find acceptance despite not having met those goals. You won’t waste your energy just because this ending feels so final.

The exciting energy lasts until the new moon in Aries on the twenty-first, when your listening skills could be put to the test. Just be careful to set boundaries with others and try not to soak up everything in your environment like you’re prone to do. You’re sure to be very aware of what people aren’t saying out loud during this time. It might even feel like you’re spying on the people around you—and, Pisces, you might be! Set some boundaries for yourself if that’s the case.

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