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Aquarius - ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb ) Aquarius ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb )

For The Month Of October 2023


New Discoveries

Are you ready for something different, Aquarius? The sun’s presence in Libra and your sector of far horizons until October 23 can be a liberating experience. You’ll be looking for new opportunities and the chance to travel, and you might want to study or just dive into new experiences. This is the time to move beyond your comfort zone, eliminate fear, and allow yourself to accomplish great things.

Talkative Mercury moves into Libra on the fourth, which will add to your enjoyment over the coming weeks. Its presence here will encourage you to reach out to others, make new friends, and learn as you go. The people you meet could be uplifting and a joy to be around.

There’s also a solar eclipse in Libra on October 14, which could push you to embrace a challenge or bold opportunity. You want to travel around the world, work abroad, or do something extraordinary that could present quite a learning curve. If you go ahead, it will change you, and you’ll benefit from the experience you gain.

As the month continues, the emphasis gradually shifts to Scorpio and your sector of goals and career. Go-getter Mars moves in first on the eleventh,

followed by Mercury and the sun on the twenty-second and twenty-third, respectively. Your focus will be on pushing ahead toward your chosen goal by putting in 100 percent of your effort. You’ll be ready to give it your all.

Mars in this sector can make you very competitive. You won’t be at all squeamish about stepping on other people’s toes if you want to get ahead. But you could also clash with those in authority from time to time. Be careful, because this might not do you any favors.

The sun’s presence in Scorpio encourages you to stand out from the crowd by promoting yourself in an intense way. Avoid half measures and go full out.

Finally, the lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28 could coincide with a revolution. Something on the home front is about to shift.


There’s comfort in romantic routine and stability when Venus partners with practical Virgo on October 8, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your freedom or spontaneity, Aquarius. We’re just saying that love thrives when you have a good plan during this solid transit!

The airiness of the new moon and solar eclipse in Libra on the fourteenth breathes new life into a current relationship or helps a new one get off the ground. Love is casual, easygoing, and nonjudgmental during this lunation, which is everything to you. Making decisions is more difficult, but you love that you have so many options!

Another impressive lunar experience arrives on October 28, this time a full moon and lunar eclipse in security-seeking Taurus, and absolutely slays it in the intensity department. You’re definitely all in for whatever mama Luna has in store for you.

Venus on the thirty-first is a very welcome one. Things got a little too predictable earlier in the month, so this gives you a nice little shake. Are you still paying attention? There are some things in your love life that need to be resuscitated ASAP.


You can manifest anything you want on the professional front as long as it’s what you truly desire. The eclipse occurring in the personal sector of your chart is a catalyst for personal growth, which can lead to career success and advancement, but only if your heart is in it.

The sun, Mercury, and Mars are galvanizing the career sector of your chart, giving you a leg up and gusto to dive into your desires on the professional side of life. The caveat is that you might think you’re not being compensated as well as you should be, since you work hard and deserve pay that reflects your efforts. Don’t be shy about asking for a title change or more responsibilities. If you feel the figures work, then stay put. If not, it’s time to consider your options. There are better opportunities out there.

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