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Aquarius - ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb ) Aquarius ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb )

For The Month Of January 2023


Finding Yourself

As 2023 gets underway, Aquarius, the emphasis is on tying up loose ends and finding closure on issues that are draining your energy and resources. The more effort you put into cutting out the deadwood and freeing up space, the easier things will be for you when the sun moves into your sign on January 20. This is your chance to jettison emotional baggage and be free of anything that is preventing you from living life to the fullest.

This is also a good time to be mindful of your dreams and listen to any intuitive nudges, because they could provide guidance that is useful for planning your goals and setting intentions.

There’s a full moon in Cancer and your lifestyle sector on the sixth, so there is the potential to feel overwhelmed. Try to simplify your day and take time out to reflect on your work/life balance. Have you taken on too much? If so, this lunar phase can be a time to let go of activities that aren’t working for you. You’ll immediately feel better.

Have you lacked inspiration lately? If so, it might be due to the retrograde phase of Mars in your leisure zone. It turns direct on January 12, which means that even if your creativity seems to have dried up, it will be back and you’ll soon be flourishing.

The emphasis shifts to your sign when Venus moves in on the second, followed by the sun on the twentieth. Lovely Venus in this sector can encourage you to opt for a makeover, enhance your desire to get out and about, and encourage you to be congenial and sociable.

Once the sun moves into your sign, be ready to get moving on plans and goals that you find deeply inspirational. And the new moon in your sign on January 21 is the perfect time to launch a project, begin a new habit, or take a relationship to the next level. Whatever you want to begin, do it now.


Your unique personality is on display this month as your first house hosts a lot of planetary interactions. Like when romantic Venus links up with your sign on January 2 and sends you on a rebellious kick. Follow the rules? No, thank you. The more out-there and nontraditional someone is, the more attracted you are to them.

On the fourth, a Venus-Jupiter sextile puts you in a great mood and shows you the very best of what love has to offer. If you’re in a relationship, you won’t be feeling as restless as usual. And if you’re single and/or have sworn off being in a relationship, those “well, maybe” thoughts could slowly start to creep in.

January 20 is the day that the brilliant sun starts soaking up your innovative, eclectic energy, and it’s the first day in a long time that you’ve felt free to totally be yourself. This is you, raw and unfiltered, and you aren’t a bit concerned about who likes you and who doesn’t. Which takes a lot of pressure off your love life.

A new moon also arrives in your offbeat sign on the twenty-first, welcoming new experiences and people into your life. Love is unpredictable now to be sure, Aquarius, but you aren’t looking for any guarantees. Your best match under this lunation is someone who does their own thing and encourages you to do the same.


There’s a shift in your methodology this month as you evolve your world and expand your professional dreams. This could take you further away from your original professional vision than you thought, but you’ll also be enthusiastic about your career in a way you haven’t been before.

The Mercury retrograde, which ends on January 18, can help you work out all the kinks and bumps that inevitably will come while you move forward with your new professional endeavor. Just don’t be hard too on yourself.

The sun enters your sign on the twentieth, enabling you to openly discuss your dreams with others. The new moon in your sign the next day encourages you to put your dreams on paper and make decisions about how you want to manifest them in reality. If you believe in yourself, you can make anything happen. You’re on your way to greatness, Aquarius!

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