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Aquarius - ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb ) Aquarius ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb )

For The Month Of August 2021


Money and Freedom

Aquarius, relationships are a hot topic as this month gets underway. The sun and Mercury in Leo encourage an other-centered perspective. Putting the needs of the relationship, team, or group first means putting others’ concerns at the top of the agenda. You are looking at mutual benefits rather than solo gains. Working with others can mean you get more done to a better standard because you can pool resources and have more expertise at your disposal.

The new moon in Leo on August 8 is the moon phase to use if you want a fresh start. Having trouble with a key bond? A discussion could lead to new decisions and a plan that takes you into a positive future. If you’re ready to take a romance further, this is an opportunity to break the ice and get talking.

There is a lot of activity in a more intense zone with pushy Mars moving through Virgo. Clever Mercury moves in on the eleventh, followed by the sun on the twenty-second, which emphasizes this sector even further. 

You’ll be ready to weed out anything that is stopping you from blossoming and thriving. It’s time to cut out the deadwood and clear a space for new ideas and opportunities to sprout. You might need to wean yourself off of certain attachments, but if you’re serious about moving ahead, you’ll need to deal with this.

Luscious Venus moves into Libra and your sector of far horizons on August 15, so you could be looking for bigger and better experiences around relationships, money matters, image, and creativity. An open mind and a willingness to explore new options and try new things can help.

Finally, there is a full moon in your sign on the twenty-second that highlights your first house of self. If you’ve been wanting to make certain changes to the way you look or present yourself, this is perfect time to put them in place!


Romance isn’t first and foremost on your mind as eccentric Uranus, your ruling planet, in steady earth sign Taurus forms a trine to romantic Venus in diligent Virgo on August 3, but you still have what it takes to get the job done. Focusing on how you’re going to get something accomplished instead of why you’re motivated to do it is your biggest strength right now.

Offbeat Uranus goes retrograde while still in practical Taurus on the nineteenth, allowing you to take a break from a slew of recent romantic surprises and welcome a period of calm after the storm. Remember that hindsight is extremely valuable. What did you learn from

the roller-coaster ride you’ve been on these last few months?

You can give yourself permission to be a little wild and completely yourself under the full moon in your freedom-seeking sign on August 22, and your best romantic pairings now are with people who get you or are at least willing to try. Fellow air signs are kindred spirits, but spontaneous fire signs (Sagittarius, especially) are great lovers for you now.


This month is going to affect your partnerships the most, particularly business alliances. On August 1, the sun-Mercury conjunction in Leo forces you to get real about the partnerships and contracts you’re involved in. 

Later that day, Mercury opposes Saturn retrograde in your sign. The second brings a solar opposition to Saturn, followed by Mercury squaring off with Uranus in Taurus the next day. This could all bring immense tension and stress to the relationships you’ve developed. You’ll have to find a way to redefine them when the Leo sun and Uranus square off on August 6. 

Fortunately, the Leo new moon on the eighth gives you a chance to revive these alliances and start anew with others. Be careful about how you proceed. Don’t be too cavalier about moving forward with others and in professional ventures. Nothing is a done deal until the contracts are signed, sealed, and delivered. When the money is in your bank account, that’s the time to apply yourself. 

Finally, you could forget to be humble when the sun and Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius oppose each other on August 19 and during the blue moon in Aquarius three days later.

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