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Aquarius - ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb ) Aquarius ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb )

Week 40 of 2021

Week Starting On: October 04 to October 10


This week, you are affirming who you are and what you believe in. Aquarius, this is when the adventure starts.

The week begins on Monday, October 4, with Mercury retrograde in Libra, in your house of education, making a trine to Jupiter in your own sign of Aquarius and in your house of confidence. You may have an opportunity to teach something or to be published. This could be connected to your job and give your career a real boost. Aquarius, you could be asked to speak at a conference, or you might be tapped as an expert in your industry.

In the middle of the week, on Wednesday, October 6, Mars in Libra, in your house of rules and regulations, makes an inconjunct to Uranus in your house of home and family. Aquarius, part of your life is to break rules, disturb the norms, and challenge preconceived notions. Now, this is happening at home. You may be telling your parents or other family members that you want to live a different lifestyle. Aquarius, this could mean moving, changing relationships, or altering your career path.


Your personal views are changing, making you more open to experimenting with new ideas in your partnership. You may decide to begin a relationship or to commit on a deeper level. Whichever direction you choose, make sure you have flexibility and fluidity down the road (if you decide to change your mind). 

Remember, the Libra new moon on October 6 is a good time for you to let your freak flag fly! For all the singletons out there, take this advice to heart: Step out of the norm and commit to your innovative creative ideas when it comes to love, dating, and the type of partner you want. No longer will you sit at home and be basic. Now, you can freely embrace your edgier and quirkier sentiments. 

Your friends will love and respect the new you, too! You’re desiring adventure and lusting for change at the moment. Instead of having an emo meltdown from being trapped in self-quarantine, plan a mini staycation in your home. In case you're still missing summer, listen to surfy beats, put a beach screensaver on your iPhone, and drink tropical cocktails from the comfort of your own couch. Invite your crush over to have company while relaxing.


The first week of October can be great for planning ahead! Aquarius, what do you want to experience in your career path?

The week begins with Mercury retrograde trine Jupiter retrograde from Sunday to Monday, October 3 to 4. This transit is perfect for big picture thinking, especially if you want to travel or learn something new for work. Use this transit to brainstorm your next move!

By Wednesday, October 6, you have the astrological power to manifest your next professional move. On this day, the new moon in Libra will open up a six-month portal of possibilities for travel, experiences, and education. Now is the time to identify a few professional goals. Do you want to learn something new to advance your path? Do you want to travel for your career? Consider these questions when you think about what your next move is in your path.

The rest of the week can be used for solidifying your goals and creating a game plan! The sun, Mercury retrograde, and Mars are working together to gather your thoughts about your next move. It is perfect for deciding what course of action you want to take and even the first few steps.

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