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Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )
Week 50 of 2020
Week Starting On: December 07 to December 13

Week of Dec 7, 2020: Energies are mismatched as the week begins, and that means trouble if you're trying to get things done. The obvious solution -- on Monday and Tuesday, at least -- is to relax and worry more about making connections than making progress. Others will respond well to your open-minded, philosophical mood. On Wednesday, Thursday and the better part of Friday, you'll be inspired to take action once again -- which is good, since luck is decidedly on your side. It's a great time for ridiculous risks (as in funny, not dangerous) and attempting the impossible, provided you've got the proper sense of humor. This weekend, slow down and resist the urge to rush ahead -- you need to cover all the details first.

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