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Libra - ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct ) Libra ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct )

Week 52 of 2022

Week Starting On: December 26 to January 01


This week, you’re going within to find the truth.

On Tuesday, December 27, Venus in Capricorn and your house of family makes a semisextile to Saturn in Aquarius and your house of children and younger relatives. Today, the focus is on children. You could be visiting the kids of your extended family, including cousins, nieces, and nephews. Libra, you might help a relative who is pregnant or has recently given birth. Today, you’re around the younger generation.

On Wednesday, December 28, Venus sextiles Neptune in Pisces and your house of health and well-being. Today, you could immerse yourself in mindful meditation. Libra, you might balance your seven chakras while listening to calming piano music or doing a guided meditation for positive energy and to clear your aura. You might meditate while listening to ASMR or an affirmation video with binaural beats that filter right into your subconscious. Today, you’re focused on the inner you.


Serendipitous encounters will manifest this week. With this energy present, your future can change within the blink of an eye, so be on the lookout for new paths to take. These vibes also bode well for embracing romance, and if you've been teetering on the edge of a relationship — you could get pushed one way or another. Just try not to feel heartbroken if you don't find yourself with a new love interest by the end of the day, it only means that you're on the path towards a greater love in the future. 

Communicative Mercury turns retrograde on the twenty-ninth, asking you to speak from the heart without letting down your boundaries too quickly. You'll want to strike a balance between being open without feeling vulnerable in order to make the most of this cosmic climate. 

New Year's Eve will open the door for flirting, as the Sagittarius moon activates the sector of your chart that rules communication. Your charm will be hard to resist, so make sure you choose your targets wisely. Meanwhile, you'll want to use the 1st as an excuse to focus on yourself and any art projects you hope to initiate in the new year! 


Enjoy your last workweek of this year, Libra! Spend time with your family and friends at the beginning of the week instead of focusing on work. You should take time off to enjoy the holiday festivities with your loved ones during this time! Then shift gears when Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday, December 28. 

As the sextile unfolds, you may need to work on a better schedule or routine throughout your workweek to avoid feeling over-committed. Try to be flexible without over-compromising since the sextile could accidentally dissuade you from your boundaries if you are not careful. 

Luckily, you may feel more certain and proactive about your professional commitments during the first quarter moon in Aries the following day. However, prepare for mishaps or miscommunication when Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn during the lunation! 

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn will surely throw you some curveballs till the end of 2022 and even at the beginning of 2023. Since Mercury retrograde will conjunct Venus in Capricorn, it might be time to reconsider what you want in a work environment to amplify your productivity and what you may need in a work-life balance moving forward.

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