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Libra - ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct ) Libra ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct )

Week 40 of 2021

Week Starting On: October 04 to October 10


This week, you're coming out of your shell. In fact, Libra, you're blossoming.

The week begins on Monday, October 4, with Mercury retrograde, in your own sign of Libra and in your house of confidence, making a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius in your house of fun and adventure. Perhaps you have been working too hard, but you now have an overwhelming desire to do something fun. Perhaps you did not get a vacation over the summer, and you feel like you missed out. Libra, this is a great time to book yourself a trip or at least play hooky from work for a few days.

In the middle of the week, on Wednesday, October 6, Mars in Libra, in your house of physicality, makes an inconjunct to Uranus in your house of intimacy. A sexual encounter (or the thought of one) may inspire a sudden desire to get fit. Libra, you might be hiring a personal trainer or ordering exercise equipment. On the other hand, you could just dim the lights and go for it.


Sporting a new look will not only spruce up your appearance, but it will also catch the eye of a special someone that you’ve been wanting to impress during October 6’s new moon. Don’t be afraid to change up your hairstyle or try a different look. It may even become part of your signature look. 

If you are in a committed relationship, your partner may resonate and vibe with the new attitude that you’re supporting. This may create a sensual connection between you both, which will last all season long. The energy will heat up at home, while the temperature chills outside—which means that it’s a great time for cuddling and becoming one with your significant other. 

The flip side to this aspect is that you may be wanting to just stay at home and have a lot of one-on-one time with your crush or romantic partner. If you do, then now is the time to clear your schedule and give them all your attention. You may find that doing this for your relationships will allow you both to reach new plateaus, which will ensure more longevity and extra love between you both at this moment in time.


The first week of October is putting you in the spotlight! Libra, are you ready for your close-up?

All Libra-led transits are focused on your sense of self. It is the perfect time to define who you are in the workplace and your career. If you want to present a certain way or clean up your professional persona, this week is the time to do it. Mercury retrograde is trine to Jupiter retrograde from Sunday to Monday, October 3 to October 4, implying a creative brainstorm! You can start the week (and month) off by imagining and defining your vision for your career.

The pinnacle of your workweek is the new moon in Libra on Wednesday, October 6. The new moon is opening up a six-month portal of opportunities to find yourself. Think about the following questions: Do I like my professional style? Am I in the position I want to be in? How do I want to be known in my industry or field? Consider your answers to these questions and make it your goal to attain your ideal professional standards over the next six months!

October can be a promising start with improving your professional persona and path!

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