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Libra - ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct ) Libra ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct )

For The Month Of January 2023


Ravishing Makeover

Your domestic zone is highlighted until January 20, Libra, making this a good time to get organized and get your home shipshape. If you feel like doing a thorough cleaning after the holidays, you might want to go one step further and give your place a fabulous makeover. It’s a good time to use fresh colors and a whole new look to welcome in 2023.

There’s a powerful full moon in your sector of career and ambition on the sixth, which is best handled with care. You might be tempted to share your feelings in a very public way, but you could come to regret your actions later. Try to cut down on the stress in your life and give yourself more opportunities to unwind.

With lovely Venus, your personal planet, moving into Aquarius on January 2 you’ll be in your element both creatively and romantically. The cosmos encourages you to take the time to enjoy yourself.

Feisty Mars turns direct in your sector of travel and new opportunities on the twelfth. If your energy level has been low or you’ve lacked motivation, you’ll soon get back up to speed. And if key projects have been languishing on the back burner, this is the time to dust them off and start them up again.

The sun glides into Aquarius on January 20, so the coming four weeks encourage you to tap into your skills and talents and indulge in your favorite hobbies. It’s a chance to put down the work projects and take up activities that fill your heart with joy. You can attract people who love what you do, so it’s also a good time to proactively showcase your skills both online and off.

Finally, the new moon in Aquarius on the twenty-first is one of the better times to launch an important project, entrepreneurial idea, or anything else you want to work on. And if you’re eager to take a romance to the next level, now is the time.


Love isn’t all fun and games as Venus moves into breezy Aquarius and your house of pleasure on January 2, but the next several weeks should be filled with enough sex and laughter to keep you smiling. There’s also an experimental vibe that keeps things fresh and interesting!

On the fourth, a Venus-Jupiter sextile surrounds your love life with a warm, happy glow, and your good energy is definitely contagious. If things have been going well, look for them to get better. And if you’ve been struggling, this happy, positive aspect could be the lifeline your relationship needs to help it survive.

Friendly Aquarius starts hosting the vibrant sun on January 20, which shifts more energy into your fifth house. You still respect and fulfill your relationship obligations (if you have any), but the main thing driving you is your desire to have a good time. Sex can be incredible now, and if you’re single your body count is about to go way up!

On the twenty-sixth, lovely Venus partners with starry-eyed Pisces and your house of logic and details, which can produce some very mixed messages. While your heart would rather just ignore the glaring red flags you see during this transit, Libra, your brain won’t let you look the other way.


The raise you’ve been longing for might materialize when Mars ends its retrograde journey on January 12. This influence is strengthened once rebellious Uranus ends its moonwalk on the twenty-second. This energy could bring unexpected twists and circumstances. For example, the raise might not be for the amount you want, or you could be surprised and get more. Whenever Uranus is involved, you should expect the unexpected.

Before Mercury’s planetary backspin ends on the eighteenth, you could be rethinking your relationship with your colleagues. Deception and ulterior motives could be unmasked. To be honest, Libra, this might not be the best time for you at work.

The sun moves into Aquarius on January 20, shifting a lot of your subconscious career goals to the forefront of your mind. You might want to change your role at work or take on outside projects to earn more and help others. You could opt to give your coworkers one more chance. Who knows? Maybe this time you’ll all get along.

Luckily, the Aquarius new moon the next day indicates that some networking can align you with new people who can help you get your groove back and rebuild trust.

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