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Libra - ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct ) Libra ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct )

For The Month Of October 2023


In Your Element

Libra, the sun in your sign until October 23 means that you’ll truly be in your element and able to express yourself more authentically. The coming weeks are your time to shine, express yourself, and show your leadership abilities. You are usually a very giving person who can put others’ needs ahead of your own, but during this time it’s okay to be a little selfish by putting yourself first. In fact, this is something you should do—it could be quite a revelation. You’ll benefit by setting a few boundaries too.

Talkative Mercury moves into your sign on the fourth, adding to this positive time because it encourages you to express yourself and share your opinions and perspectives.

Another key date this month is when there’s a solar eclipse in your sign on October 14. This eclipse is like a turbocharged new moon and is perfect for creating a fresh start. Whether you want to adopt more healthful or more productive habits, kick-start projects or challenges, or take a relationship to a new level, this is the time to go ahead.

There’s also a shift in your personal financial sector that begins as fiery Mars moves into Scorpio on the eleventh. It’s followed into this sign by Mercury and the sun a couple weeks later. This means that money matters could become intense. If you’ve reached a point where things are getting out of control, this is when you’ll be eager to get back on track. You’ll be looking to be as resourceful as possible and save when you can.

You might also be ready to start a side hustle, especially if it will give you more financial leeway each month.

Finally, there is a lunar eclipse in Taurus and across your financial axis on October 28. This could also be a turning point where money is concerned, because a decision you make could change your financial landscape for some time to come. Be sure it’s the right decision for you.


When your diplomatic, cooperative sign starts hosting communicative Mercury on October 4, the next couple weeks should be argument-free. Your main goal is to keep the peace, so you rarely engage in any kind of controversial conversations. Meeting your partner or date in the middle is what you strive for.

Love goddess Venus leaves warmhearted Leo to partner with analytical Virgo on the eighth, and you start to overthink certain romantic situations. There’s nothing wrong with paying attention to the details, Libra, but worrying too much about things that probably won’t ever happen can be super stressful.

Your sometimes insincere sign hosts the new moon and solar eclipse on October 14, so try not to commit to things if you have no intention of following through. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but isn’t telling a little white lie to a date or partner just prolonging the inevitable?

When the bright sun and Mercury meet up in your enchanting sign on the nineteenth, it's the perfect time to ask forgiveness for any mistakes you made earlier in the month. When you smile that smile and turn on the charm, it’s almost impossible to say no to you.


You will feel a shift for the better when Mercury aligns with your sun sign on October 4. This leads you into eclipse season with high spirits, and you’ll be able to have conversations about your long-term professional goals during the solar eclipse on the fourteenth.

The sun entering Scorpio on October 23 can be beneficial for your bank account. Your charismatic personality and ability to manifest abundance mean you’re going to see more money coming in than you have in a while.

The month concludes with a beneficial lunar eclipse that can help you financially. Mark the twenty-eighth on your calendar, because it could be when you get the raise you’ve been after and level up your job prospects. All the more reason why you should embrace October and its cosmic energy with open arms.

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