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Libra - ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct ) Libra ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct )

For The Month Of August 2021


Recreating Yourself

While your social life shimmers with possibilities, Libra, there is a deeper pulse that encourages you to meditate and reflect. While the sun continues in your social sector until August 22, fiery Mars moves through your spiritual zone, accompanied by Venus until the fifteenth. 

Are you ready to move in new circles? This could be quite liberating, especially if you’ve felt a bit disconnected due to prudent Saturn’s rewind phase. Its continuing journey through your leisure zone may have put you in the mood to enjoy more alone time. This month, though, you’ll want to get out and about.

The new moon in Leo on August 8 is one of the best times for a new beginning. If you want to join groups or explore new interests, much good can come from mixing and mingling with a different set of people.

The focus on your spiritual sector means you’ll be more inclined to set aside time for yourself. Your interest might be on working on your inner game by changing your attitude and approach to key areas of your life. 

Lovely Venus moves into your sign on the fifteenth, and you can relax into being yourself. If you’re ready for a makeover, this can be a good time to change your image to match your current tastes.

Things could get a little bit emotional with a full moon in your leisure zone highlighting your relationship with another on August 22. Perhaps you don’t want to admit how strongly you feel about this person, but it could be difficult to hide.

The sun moves into Virgo on the twenty-second for a four-week stay, which means it’s time to tie up loose ends, find closure on edgy issues, and give yourself a chance to relax and recharge.


With the start of August comes asteroid Juno going direct in fiery, outgoing Sagittarius on the second, urging you to find that perfect balance between your love life and the rest of the things that really matter. If you’ve been focusing on making a relationship work, ease off a bit now and see what happens. If you haven’t put in enough effort, start now.

Loving Venus leaves practical Virgo for your airy, easygoing sign on August 16, allowing you to reach compromises and other fair agreements in your love life. This is a good time to sign legal documents (prenups, divorce/custody papers, etc.) or offer advice to anyone who needs a second opinion about a romantic decision.

You get permission to get a little wild when the moon is full in fellow air sign Aquarius on the twenty-second, and truly being yourself now is just what the love doctor ordered. If you’ve been feeling pressure lately to be someone you’re not, this can be a very revealing and freeing lunation.

Information-seeking Mercury moves out of critical Virgo and into your easygoing sign on August 30, welcoming in a couple weeks of free-flowing conversations and equal verbal exchanges. Getting your point across is easier now than ever.


The beginning of the month has you rethinking your career direction. The opposition between the Leo sun and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius on August 1 can create a lot of tension between your heart and your head when it comes to the type of job you currently have. You might want to leave your professional world temporarily and escape into more creative work. Or you might decide that it’s time to step up and become a leader at work (which may not vibe with your aspirations and goals). 

The Leo new moon on the eighth and Uranus’s backward spin on the nineteenth give you time to reassess your fortunes and turn a competition into a collaboration. 

The prosperity continues throughout the month, especially during the rare blue moon in Aquarius on August 22. You’re feeling extra daring when it comes to your investments and focusing on the potential rewards that can result from taking more risks. 

You round off the month with fame and public recognition for your diligent efforts, sweet payback for your big professional gamble. The lovely vibrant energy in August has you throwing caution to the winds and taking a leap of faith in a risky financial venture. Don’t second-guess yourself. Use your recent winnings to invest in a bigger project for a much larger return.

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