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Libra - ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct ) Libra ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct )

For The Month Of August 2022


Good for Networking

The sun in Leo is lighting up your social sector, Libra, so you’ll be in demand. This vibrant influence can find you eager to organize events, get involved in community projects and move in new circles. As a Libra, you have excellent social skills, so this is a peak time for you whether you want to make more connections, look for romance or simply enjoy yourself more.

However, the full moon in Aquarius and your sector of leisure and pleasure on August 11 could throw a monkey wrench in the works. Because it aligns with both prudent Saturn and electric Uranus, you could be weighed down by others’ expectations or find that your confidence isn’t what it used to be. This potent lunar phase can highlight issues that might be preventing you from making new friends and getting out and about more. Don’t let your fear hold you back. Muster your courage and you can make positive strides.

By way of contrast, charming Venus, your personal planet, moves into Leo that same day, enhancing your star quality. If there have been issues with friends or groups, the presence of Venus here can help smooth things over and resolve any difficulties.

As the sun glides into Virgo on the twenty-second, you’ll be entering a quieter phase that could last for around four weeks. The emphasis on your spiritual sector is a call to recharge and enjoy some quiet reflection. If you need to tie up loose ends or find closure on lingering issues, this is your chance.

The new moon in Virgo on August 27 is the perfect time to take up a spiritual practice like yoga or meditation. Anything else that can help you develop your awareness and bring inner peace will make your life easier and more serene.


Love-focused Venus is in emotional water sign Cancer during her sextile to platonic Uranus on August 2, making this a good time to combine romance and friendship. If you’ve put someone (or someone has put you) in the friend zone, it’s time to give it another chance. Looking at things from a different perspective could change everything.

Passionate Venus moves into fiery Leo on the eleventh, so love is daring and fun over the coming weeks. Committed Libras, this is a great time to express yourself! Let your partner know why you’re so sure that they’re the one. Single Libras, you’re looking good and feeling confident. Make your move.

When planetary power player Mars leaves patient Taurus and moves into restless, curious fellow air sign Gemini on August 20, you have lots of reasons to follow your desires. This can have varying results depending on your relationship status, but the heart wants what it wants. This isn’t a time to limit yourself or hold back.

Your charming, diplomatic side comes out in full force when conversational Mercury enters your balanced sign on the twenty-fifth, so it will be easy to give someone the benefit of the doubt as long as their story seems plausible. Acting as referee when a friend and their significant other argue isn’t fun, but you’re the best person for the job.


The beginning of the month has you rethinking the direction of your career. When Venus enters Leo on August 11, you might want to temporarily leave your current work world and escape into a creative job. Or you might decide that it’s time to step up and become a leader at your job, which might not jibe with your aspirations and goals. 

The full moon on the eleventh and Uranus turning retrograde two weeks later give you time to reassess your fortunes and turn a competitor into a collaborator. 

The prosperity continues, especially during the new moon on August 27, when you’re feeling especially daring about your investments and focusing on the rewards of taking more risks. 

You end the month with some public recognition for your efforts, a sweet payoff on your big professional gamble. The lovely vibrant energy of August has you throwing caution to the wind and taking a leap of faith into a risky financial venture. Don’t second-guess yourself. Use your recent winnings to invest in a bigger project for a much larger return.

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