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Cancer - ( 21 Jun - 22 Jul ) Cancer ( 21 Jun - 22 Jul )

For The Month Of August 2021


Income Opportunities

As the month begins, Cancer, the sun in your personal financial sector shines a light on your current situation. If you’re ready to enhance your income, this is a great time to figure out a plan and get going. Feeling overwhelmed by financial responsibilities? You might want to look at ways to reduce expenditures and so lower any anxiety.

With some savvy thinking and a few brilliant ideas, you could soon be up to the mark and feeling much happier. And you have the help of the Leo new moon on August 8, which is perfect for initiating any entrepreneurial activities. Whatever you want to begin, start now.

There is also a lot of activity in your communication sector, which increases when brainy Mercury moves in on the eleventh, followed by the sun on the twenty-second. This is the time to reach out and make new connections as well as promote your work and get others interested in what you do. A lot of opportunities could come to you via social media and a blog or website if you have one.

Are you ready to beautify your home? With sweet Venus shimmying into Libra and your domestic sector on August 15, you might have an urge to give your place a fresh coat of paint or make other colorful and lively changes.

The full moon in Aquarius and an intensely emotional zone on the twenty-second can bring feelings to the surface that you may have swept under the carpet. Use this opportunity to find the cause and do something about it.

From August 22, the presence of the sun in Virgo for a four-week stay can be an opportunity to get organized. Declutter your office space, get rid of those messy paper piles, and sort out any admin.

Finally, as mindful Mercury moves into Libra on the twenty-ninth, this can be your opportunity to resolve any family issues and find a solution that suits everyone.


Asteroid Juno strives for equality in partnerships, but some uncomfortable themes might emerge as it turns direct in fire sign Sagittarius on August 2. As you seek to reach a delicate equilibrium in your love life, be mindful of jealousy, obsession, and other similar things that could trip you up.

A new moon in fire sign Leo appears on the eighth, bringing out your confidence and reminding you that you’re worth being treated like royalty. If you have someone in your life who doesn’t put you on a pedestal, ask yourself why. You deserve to be in the spotlight and worshipped like the god or goddess you are!

Your love life gets a second boost of balance when romantic Venus exits earth sign Virgo for airy Libra on August 16, giving you the chance to rectify something from the past that hasn’t been sitting well with you lately. Even if you don’t want to get back together with an ex, making peace with them now will help you have healthier relationships in the future.

The full moon in unpredictable Aquarius on the twenty-second invites you to come out of your shell and get a little silly. You seek out people who are willing to not only tolerate but also indulge your bizarre behavior now. 


The new moon in Leo on August 8 pushes you to be confident in your investments, so don’t let others lead you astray no matter what they say. Use your intuition to guide you through your financial choices. After all, they are yours to make. 

The retrograde of Uranus in Taurus, which commences on the nineteenth, can give you insight into the professional visions you want to create. Looking backward and finding your truth from the past can help you see where you’re headed in the future. A youthful dream could turn into a lucrative business if you allow it to take flight. Letting yourself take risks now can yield beneficial results in the future. If you’ve felt as though your career was stagnating, things are now changing. You just have to gamble on yourself to ensure success in the long run. 

Choosing to consolidate your debt during the blue moon on August 22 could yield an unfortunate outcome. Don’t worry. This will only be a temporary misstep in your path toward financial wellness. More importantly, this can help you engage in an inner conversation about your vision. Your dreams may be changing and transforming, which can open you up to new possibilities and opportunities in the years to come. Be open to newness this month. It will help you prevail in your career. 

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