Capricorn Free Monthly Horoscope

Your Free Monthly Horoscope For The Whole Month Of August Is Ready For You To Read

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Capricorn - ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan ) Capricorn ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan )

For The Month Of August 2022


A Deeper Dive

Capricorn, the sun in Leo and a powerful and transformational zone encourages you to let go of the old and embrace the new. Plus, with sweet Venus moving into this same sector on August 11, this intense zone will be in focus for the whole month. Issues associated with power, finances, business and deep emotional bonds could surface, and this is would be a good time to deal with them.

The influence of lovely Venus on that day means passions could be enhanced and a relationship might move from platonic to intimate. On a financial note, investing and doing business now could be lucrative.

There could be some drama too, especially around the time of the potent full moon in Aquarius on that same date, which influence this zone. You could find that feelings ramp up and you get quite emotional. You might want to change in your life, but attachments to certain things or people could make it difficult until you’re ready to let go.

On the twentieth, warrior Mars moves into Gemini and your lifestyle sector for a long stay of around eight months. This could be a very busy time when you benefit from getting organized and streamlining your affairs.

The focus shifts again two days later as the sun moves into Virgo and your sector of travel and adventure. Its four-week stay here will encourage you to get out and about and push the boundaries. If you haven’t taken any risks or challenged yourself for a while, this is the time to go for it. You’ll gain some golden opportunities by daring to move outside your comfort zone.

Finally, with a new moon in Virgo on the twenty-seventh, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to kick-start a journey, entrepreneurial idea or exciting project. You can accomplish whatever you put your mind to.


Your thoughts and words are concise as the great communicator Mercury advances into your fellow earth sign Virgo on August 3. If your partner or someone you’ve been talking to recently expects (or wants) you to be all mushy and romantic, they’re going to be disappointed during this rather dry verbal transit!

On the seventh, a powerful Mars-Saturn square puts a lot of obstacles in love’s way and makes you wonder if everything you’re doing is worth it. If it seems like you’re the only one trying, hang in there. Your hard work won’t go totally unrewarded, but you’ll have to be patient a little longer to see it pay off.

Whether you’re single or not, an airy Aquarius full moon on August 11 has you thinking about your freedom. Being in a relationship shouldn’t necessarily mean being together 24/7, and if that’s what yours is like, you can’t help but feel restricted and a bit claustrophobic. Unattached Sea Goats, this is a great time to experiment with and explore different types of relationships. Maybe a nontraditional one is right for you. 

On the twenty-eighth, love goddess Venus opposes your serious home planet Saturn, bringing conflicting feelings between your love life and your career. Hopefully, you don’t have to choose one or the other because, tbh, it would be a tough choice right now.


August is a great time to consolidate any debt you have. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to take responsibility for your spending habits. The full moon on August 11 urges you to start dealing with any existing credit card debt or loans. It’s always best to address these issues early on, before they reach the boiling point. This also allows you to better understand your financial situation. 

The new moon on the twenty-seventh is an ideal time to ask for a raise. Yes, you’ve been working hard, as you always do, but now you have the figures to show your boss when you advocate for a promotion. In true Capricorn style, you never hold back when it comes to speaking up about your career. 

The bottom line is that you deserve all the wonderful things that are coming your way, even if your superiors haven’t been taking notice. That’s why you should put it in writing to make sure they know that you’re doing more than your fair share in the office. It’s high time you reaped the benefits of your hard work and attained the success and fortune you deserve.

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