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Your Free Monthly Horoscope For The Whole Month Of January Is Ready For You To Read

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Capricorn - ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan ) Capricorn ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan )

For The Month Of January 2022


Making Your Mark

Capricorn, the emphasis on your sign throughout this month puts the focus on self-expression and any plans and projects that resonate with you. The sun here until Jan. 19 means you’ll be in your element and naturally inclined to get organized. If you want 2022 to get off to the best possible start, this would be a good time to set your goals and make plans. Where do you want to be in six months? a year? Writing it down can make it easier to get there.

With a new moon in your sign on the second, you can hit the ground running by taking action on one idea right away. Devising a strategy and breaking it down into manageable chunks will make it much easier. Watch out, though, because this lunar phase aligns with restless Uranus, so you might be tempted to act impulsively, which could get things off to a bumpy start.

There could be a few hurdles to contend with as thinking Mercury turns retrograde on Jan. 14. This occurs in your money zone, so it would pay to be extra careful in all your dealings. Are you planning to purchase any big-ticket items? Be sure to keep all the receipts and paperwork.

The full moon in your sector of relating on the seventeenth could find you in a sensitive mood. It could bring up feelings around an issue, especially if you’ve swept it under the rug. If you feel vulnerable or emotional, reach out to someone and allow yourself to be comforted.

The sun’s move into your financial sector on Jan. 19 could inspire you to take stock of your current situation and make a few improvements. It might be time to rewrite your budget, organize your spending, and perhaps pare back any unnecessary expenses.

In addition, a second new moon of the month, a blue moon on the thirty-first, could be the perfect time to start a side hustle or look into new ways to increase your income. You could have some brilliant ideas.


Ready to try new things? Maybe you aren’t the most experimental lover, but when your ruler Saturn spends time in innovative Aquarius this month, you’re open to expanding your romantic repertoire. The key is not to let your ego get involved, Capricorn. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that maybe you could learn a thing or two!

You have the first Mercury retrograde cycle of the year to deal with starting on Jan. 14, and, because Mercury is accompanied by tech guru Aquarius, this one might not be as bad as usual. Even if your phone and other tech gadgets you rely on to keep in touch with your current and/or potential partners are glitchy, this quick-witted combo helps you come up with alternate solutions to those types of dilemmas.

Intense Mars teams up with your hardworking sign on the twenty-fourth, so there’s very little you can’t accomplish once you decide on a plan. The only issue now might be getting everyone else on board with what you have in mind. Even though you’re more than capable of doing things on your own, when it comes to love, you need to work as part of a team.


The retrogrades of Mercury and Venus that connect with your sun allow you to rekindle the creative spark within, Capricorn. You could find this in an artistic project you began years ago that now inspires you to start a new one. You could be motivated to seek help to start a potentially lucrative professional collaboration this month.

When Venus retrograde and the sun in your sign connect on Jan. 8, you can decide whether it’s worth the effort to contact someone you once worked with. Now that you’ve brought an old creative endeavor to fruition, this is a wonderful time to ask for help to take your vision to the next level. And that might entail connecting with a former colleague or team that you worked with in the past. 

Before you decide to commit to working with them again, make sure that the contract is equitable and favorable to both of you. If possible, try to sign the contract when Venus turns direct in your sign on the twenty-ninth to avoid mishaps or miscommunications or items in the fine print that could become issues in the future.

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