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Gemini - ( 21 May - 20 Jun ) Gemini ( 21 May - 20 Jun )

For The Month Of August 2021


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Positive developments looks very likely this month, Gemini, with the emphasis on your sector of talk and thought. There is much you can accomplish by connecting with others on your wavelength, but you could also step up and take on a project that you’re fairly passionate about.

The new moon in Leo on August 8 is the perfect time to initiate any new developments and plans to get them off to the best possible start. With the sun in Leo until the twenty-second, you might have a lot to say and be very persuasive. If you’re in sales, marketing, or media, this could be a busy time for you and one in which you could do well. Make use of your natural charisma to boost your results.

Mercury in your home zone from August 11 to August 29 is perfect for planning, decluttering, and generally getting organized. You can feel so much freer and happier with more space around you.

Delectable Venus moves into Libra on the fifteenth, helping romance blossom and boosting your creative abilities. Others might appreciate a skill that you’ve taken for granted, so use this opportunity to post your work on social media or show it in your local area. It could turn into an extra source of income.

The Aquarius full moon on April 22 could highlight an opportunity that you’re ready to grab. If one project has ended, the experience you’ve gained could set you up to handle something similar, and the rewards could be worthwhile.

Finally, the sun moves into Virgo, also on the twenty-second, which is a cue from the cosmos to kick back and unwind. Switch off when possible and opt for less screen time and more wholesome foods and activities. If you do this for a few weeks, you could emerge feeling refreshed and completely renewed.



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