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Leo - ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug ) Leo ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug )

For The Month Of March 2023


Inner Depth

This is quite a month, Leo, with a number of shifts that will change your perspective in dramatic ways. It starts with an emphasis on your sector of transformation as the sun journeys through this zone until March 20. Nimble Mercury adds its inquisitive energy to the mix on the second. And it is further emphasized as prudent Saturn moves in on March 7 and stays for more than two years. 

This is your chance to dig deep and create change at the core level. This isn’t going to happen overnight, but over the coming months and years you’ll be able to peel away the layers and jettison any emotional baggage that has been holding you back. And you’ll have a better sense of who you are and what you want as a result.

The full moon in Virgo on the seventh could bring feelings rushing to the surface, especially those linked to a deeply emotional relationship or business or financial affairs. With electric Uranus making a positive contribution, you might be catapulted into a new phase that opens doors for you, and it could be due to an exciting encounter.

The sun moves into Aries and your sector of travel and adventure on March 20, ringing in a new phase of discovery and opportunity. With expansive Jupiter already encouraging you to be bold and take risks, this is the time to define your goals and get ready to take a leap of faith. The new moon in Aries the next day is the best time to launch a new venture.

Powerbroker Pluto moves into Aquarius on the twenty-third, which is a big deal. This transformative planet will be here for two decades, so you can expect insights and positive changes concerning the most serious and most casual relationships.

Finally, feisty Mars moves into Cancer and a private zone on March 25, and your psyche could be stirred up as your dreams become more vivid. Your intuition will also be at a peak.


With your celestial leader sun traveling through creative Pisces and your seductive, mysterious eighth house for the first part of March, you’re extremely alluring in a less subdued way than usual. You’re still very charming, but a current or potential partner will sense something new about you that they can’t quite put their finger on.

On March 6, an exciting, creative sun-Uranus sextile brings pleasant surprises your way and gives you the open mind and freedom to express your true personality. This is an experimental, nonjudgmental time to explore all that love has to offer, so feel free to research, observe, or participate in your chosen kinks.

A radiant sun-Neptune conjunction comes along on the fifteenth to increase your sensitivity and awareness to other people’s needs, which should improve your love life quite a bit. It’s time to get beyond negative past experiences by forgiving, forgetting, and vowing to move on to better things.

The confident sun moves from fragile Pisces to strong, powerful Aries and your zone of expansion on March 20, welcoming in a month of believing that you can have the love life you truly want. Will it take work? Absolutely. But Aries energy is warrior energy. Keep growing and learning. Go for what you want and don’t look back.


Saturn moves into Pisces on March 7 and will remain here for about two years. This placement can level out partnerships and alliances. Work relationships should go along just fine through March, but you might have a hard time clarifying what you’re trying to say or even what you’re thinking. You could have a tendency to be overly opinionated about others, so work on trying not to be too judgmental during this transit. If you must negotiate, handle each moment carefully. Quiet reflection will be your best bet when it comes to maintaining your cool. 

Also on the seventh, the Virgo full moon can bring a more centered and grounded influence. Your focus could shift to practical matters at work, and you’ll have the ability to concentrate on them. The best word for this feeling of success while you reach all your goals is “satisfaction.” If you use this energy well, you might even find yourself moving ahead to work on next month’s goals. You could find better routines as well.

When Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23, smaller pieces of the puzzle come together to bring more clarity to the larger picture. It’s all in the details, Leo!

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