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Your Free Monthly Horoscope For The Whole Month Of January Is Ready For You To Read

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Leo - ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug ) Leo ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug )

For The Month Of January 2022


Re-create Your Day

Leo, a major focus on your sector of routines and lifestyle could be a game changer. The sun in this sector until Jan. 19, along with harmonious Venus and Pluto, encourages you to take a creative approach to making your days more interesting and enjoyable. It’s also a chance to reframe your goals so that you’re motivated to accomplish them.

Brainy Mercury moves into Aquarius on the first, adding sparkle to your sector of relating. You could be deeply interested in others and making fascinating connections. You could have some interesting conversations over the coming weeks.

The new moon in Capricorn on Jan. 2 could be a stepping-off point and a chance to set your intentions for the coming month. Because it aligns with electric Uranus, it can spark new ideas and opportunities. Develop a sound strategy to help you take your exciting plans forward.

There is an emotional full moon in Cancer and your spiritual sector on the seventeenth that signals a time of rest. It would be good for you if you can take a day off from work or simplify your schedule, so you can catch up with yourself and get your bearings. It’s your chance to process through issues and find greater peace of mind.

The sun dances into Aquarius and your sector of relating on Jan. 19, shedding fresh light on your current commitments and bonds. How might you improve matters? This is your chance to get an overview and make a few key decisions.

Warrior Mars moves into Capricorn on the twenty-fourth, stirring up your routines, tasks, and daily plans and encouraging you to explore ways to become more productive.

Finally, a second new moon, a blue moon, on Jan. 31 can be an opportunity to take a relationship further. Whatever you’re planning with regard to your love life or other bonds, this is the time to set it in motion.


Hopefully, you set some stellar goals for your love life, Leo, because, as the new year begins, you have the hardworking energy of your ruler sun in dedicated Capricorn to help you reach them. And if you didn’t, it isn’t too late. Get to work right away this month setting some plans in motion that will lead to romantic success in the near future.

There’s also a sun-Venus conjunction on the eighth that can boost your love life quite a bit, especially if you’re ready and willing to build on an existing relationship’s platonic history or base a new partnership on a solid friendship. There are good vibes surrounding this aspect, so no matter what your status, you should be able to take something positive away from it.

Jan. 10 brings a sun-Neptune sextile that shows what amazing things can happen during this aspect, so tap into your intuition to make sure you’re reading the signs from the universe correctly. Something to note now: being in love never includes being taken advantage of.

A sun-Mercury conjunction in serious Capricorn on the twenty-third can improve and/or speed up your thought processes, which can help you make accurate love-related decisions more quickly. However, there’s no reason to jump to conclusions when you have so many facts to rely on.


January 18 could bring a lot of unexpected twists and turns to the career center of your chart, Leo. When Uranus turns direct after being retrograde since August 2021, you’ll begin to see things shift firsthand. 

The reason is because your profession, or at least your role in the company that you work for, is growing less stable. This means that you might not be able to continue on the path you’ve been walking for the past several years. 

Instead of avoiding the coming changes (they will affect you anyway and in every way), it’s best to roll with the punches and try to find a new way to use your talents at work. 

That same day, the north node of destiny moves into Taurus and will bring more opportunities your way during a journey that will last a year and a half. While you might see intense changes happening (all of which are out of your control), it doesn’t spell doom and gloom. In fact, just the opposite. Be open to the next steps you need in order to achieve greatness in the future.

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