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Leo - ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug ) Leo ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug )
TodayWednesday - February 28, 2024Love Overview

The cosmos are smiling upon you and your personal life, Leo. This is because a new moon arrives today and will open a door for you to build your life and relationships in the entire week to come. New moons echo out for a whole year. This particular lunation highlights your solar seventh house of partnerships. On one hand, you could be making long-term promises, moving in, getting engaged, or even being wed if you’re with the perfect person. This would be a significant moment to align with one another. However, if you’re not on the same page, you could decide it’s time to walk your separate ways.


People are getting in line to join the big freak-out today, but you don't have to take part. It's one of those weird times when everyone's emotions seem to be out of sync with reality.

TomorrowThursday - February 29, 2024 Love Overview

Rocky roads lie ahead today, Leo. It could be the make-or-break point in 2023! You are at a crossroads in your personal and romantic relationships, especially with sweet Venus, our Lesser Benefic and the planetary ruler of attraction, beauty, and love, clashing in an exact conjunction with scathing Saturn, the Great Taskmaster and planetary ruler of hardship and karma. Both are spinning in your solar seventh house of partnerships. Challenging discussions about commitments and promises are being written in the stars. Do your best to take a step back to clear your head.


You may become a bit irritated with a friend or coworker, but don't let it fester. Say what's on your mind, stay calm, and try not to escalate. Things could get really weird otherwise.

YesterdayTuesday - February 27, 2024 Love Overview

The universe is always moving forward in beautiful ways, Leo. Today, as the sun leaves behind the snowcaps of Capricorn, it will sizzle into the skies of Aquarius. This means Aquarius season has officially arrived and will resound exuberantly for the entire month to come. Aquarius is a highly compatible zodiac sign to you because it stands across the sky and mirrors many traits that you also share. They are also a fixed sign, which means that they fully embody the strength of their season. For them, it is winter, and for you, it is summer.


Big personalities are in conflict today, and yours might be one of them! It's way too easy to let people get on your nerves until the pressure gets to be too much, so find a way to release it harmlessly.

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