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Libra - ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct ) Libra ( 23 Sep - 22 Oct )
TodayWednesday - February 28, 2024Love Overview

The stars are aligning today for you, Libra. The new moon in Aquarius arrives now and will blast open an exciting doorway for you. All new moons empower you with the energy and provide opportunities for fresh horizons for you. This lunation highlights your solar fifth house of true love, dating, fertility, and children, so a new beginning around one of these themes is here for the taking. If single, this is the most important lunation of the year to line up prospective suitors. One of them may warm the kindle in your heart!


Stop worrying about that one big issue that doesn't want to go away. Instead, you should focus as much as possible on the small stuff that you can do something about.

TomorrowThursday - February 29, 2024 Love Overview

Dark times lie ahead today, Libra. In fact, it could be one of the most challenging days of 2023! Sweet Venus, your planetary ruler, will dance before the fury of icy Saturn in your solar fifth house of passion and true love. As they unite in an exact conjunction, you may feel as if the joy in life is being sucked right out of you! Bad news around romance, dating, children, or fertility could pop up at this time. It’s best to hide out now rather than stirring the pot. Better days will lie ahead. Trust in your love — or decide it’s time to move on your merry way.


Other folks in your life need your special touch to make their lives a little sweeter, so don't be shy about stepping in! Life is good, and you can make it better for almost everyone you know too!

YesterdayTuesday - February 27, 2024 Love Overview

As the sun leaves the shivering cold of Capricorn, he turns directions and plunges into the skies of Aquarius today, Libra. Welcome to Aquarius season! This is one of your favorite periods of the entire year because Aquarius is a fellow air sign. You’ll feel invigorated and supported by the universe, as the wavelength of the cosmos reverberates in perfect harmony with you. In the month ahead, let your social butterfly spirit free. Dust off your sexiest outfit, doll yourself up, and don’t forget to have as much fun as possible!  


You can't keep doing the same old thing every day. It's essential that you try something new as soon as possible, Your great mental energy should keep you engaged and active throughout the day.

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