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Pisces - ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar ) Pisces ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar )
TodayTuesday - May 14, 2024Love Overview

You’ll feel as if you hear whispers in the night and behind every corner starting today, Pisces. The new moon in Aquarius arrives today and is especially potent in the week ahead. This lunation will highlight your solar twelfth house of privacy, secrets, hidden enemies, and the unconscious. You could find that your intuition is telling you something significant about your love life — so listen up! However, this could also be triggering intense anxiety and frustration that you need to face. If you or a partner have hidden something from one another, prepare for the news to leak.


You're in a great position to help others today, and most likely plenty of them are in need of your help! Use your intuition to figure out who's hurting the most and then get them what they need.

TomorrowWednesday - May 15, 2024 Love Overview

It may feel like you’re sinking into the darkest cavern the world has ever seen today, Pisces. It could be the darkest day of 2023! This is because sweet and sensual Venus, our Lesser Benefic and the goddess of romance and affection, will unite in an exact conjunction with mighty Saturn, now orbiting in your solar twelfth house of secrets, hidden enemies, and the unconscious. Your anxiety about your romantic life could be explosive. Secrets — yours or another’s — may appear out of nowhere. If you’ve been involved in an affair or dalliance, there could be very tragic repercussions.


You're feeling pretty good about yourself today, and with good reason. Your energy is just right for getting things done, especially since you have a backlog of fairly urgent stuff.

YesterdayMonday - May 13, 2024 Love Overview

The sun is always galloping through the sky like a chariot set on fire, Pisces. Today, he will turn a corner to dance onward into the zodiac sign of the Waterbearer. As Aquarius season arrives, you’re set to notice a faster pace of life, as people are more curious about each other and the world in which they live. As you venture into new horizons, be sure to check in with yourself and reflect on where you’ve been. Connecting with people from the past — or relationships that are karmic in nature — may also occur in the month ahead. Know where you stand and where you soon would like to go!


You're cooking up something bigger than ever. You can feel the energy shifting around you, and you know you'll be a lot closer to your dream by tomorrow. Keep an open mind!

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