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Pisces - ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar ) Pisces ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar )
TodayFriday - August 12, 2022Love Overview

Prepare for a sweet few weeks ahead, Pisces. Venus, our goddess planet of attraction, romance, and beauty, is now ignited in Leo until September 5. This will make relationships and love more vivid and bold, encouraging us to pursue our most authentic desires and matters of the heart. Being courageous in love will be the energetic flow. So no matter where you are in your relationships, consider how you can embrace even more magic, passion, and pleasure. Express yourself proudly at this time and you will be rewarded by a supportive and loving universe. Love is a way of life. Remember that.


You're really unsure about what's going on around you right now thanks to people's general weirdness and unwillingness to be clear about their desires. Just shrug and move on. It'll clear up.

TomorrowSaturday - August 13, 2022 Love Overview

Unplug from the universe today and tomorrow and swim off into a fantasy land if you can, Pisces. Yet, with the mighty sun, our great luminary, clashing with an icy Saturn, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be unable to do so! This cosmic war makes you face the truth, especially when it comes to challenges, struggles, and hardships. This energy could make you feel quite lonely and depressed, especially if you’re dealing with already lower levels of mental health and anxiety. Do your best to find peace and balance and choose mindfulness rather than feeding drama into relationships.


It's a great time to lose yourself in the crowd. You're feeling okay but not quite yourself, and the crazy social energy should be enough to help you figure out what you want to do with your time.

YesterdayThursday - August 11, 2022 Love Overview

While the full moon’s chaotic energy will surely make your anxiety be soaring through the roof, you’ll luckily have some excellent cosmic energy working in your favor today, Pisces. Mighty Mars, the red planet of sex, passion, and drive, will continue to make tracks through the sky. As he smiles over to majestic Neptune, now orbiting in your solar first house of identity, you’ll feel like your heart, mind, and loins are enflamed! Use this feisty energy to go on a quick whirlwind trip with your lover, even if it’s just a romp in the woods!


It's a mental health day. For you, that is. Everyone else can go nuts for all you care. It might seem you're being callous, but you're actually just following the day's energy flow.

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