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Pisces ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar )
TodayTuesday - January 26, 2021Flirt

Jan 26, 2021: Something you were sure was a rock-solid truth turns out to be pretty squishy -- and while that feels weird, it's actually much more liberating. Run with it for a while until you figure it out.

For Singles

Jan 26, 2021: You're feeling somewhat less like your usual rock-star self. While your appearance might not be at its peak, it's time you fully embraced your inner beauty. For now, it's not your body that people notice but your abundant charms.

For Couples

Jan 26, 2021: Coat that stubbornness with a little charm and you'll find that your partner is much more amenable to your wishes. At the very least, they'll give you a full hearing, which is really all you want (for now).

TomorrowWednesday - January 27, 2021Flirt

Jan 27, 2021: There's a simple secret to making it through the day today: pay attention. Everything you need to know is in plain sight, though it may be hard to notice at first unless you really look closely.

For Singles

Jan 27, 2021: The stars support romantic risks now, but be sure you’re aware of the potential payoffs versus the consequences. They say nothing ventured, nothing gained, but then again, why try to fix something that’s not broken?

For Couples

Jan 27, 2021: Forget what the movies and TV tell you. Only you and your partner know what you need in your love life. What works for you two doesn't work for everyone else, and vice versa. Be true to yourselves.

YesterdayMonday - January 25, 2021Flirt

Jan 25, 2021: Someone needs you to help them out a little -- and it turns into a huge adventure. You're not really sure why they think things are so spooky because you deal with worse than this all the time.

For Singles

Jan 25, 2021: Communication is just a click away, so it's easy to forget that once upon a time suitors crafted sweet, moving letters. Go old school and devise the ultimate love note by writing your crush some passionate prose.

For Couples

Jan 25, 2021: Your confidence is put to the test, but be adaptable and keep your sense of humor. You'll pass with flying colors. In fact, think of this as a relationship tune-up, not a test. You'll be road worthy after this.

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