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Pisces - ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar ) Pisces ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar )
TodayFriday - August 12, 2022

Be confident in the spotlight, Pisces. You might feel notably self-conscious now that the moon is in your sign. Although it can be somewhat daunting to feel that self-aware, it might be helpful to have Luna illuminating your professionalism might be helpful. The ebb and flow of the lunar energy will softly show you where you need to work on along with what you are doing right. See this lunation as an opportunity for self-improvement before you continue in your career path. Update your wardrobe to appear as your best self, or figure out how you can nail your first impressions!

TomorrowSaturday - August 13, 2022

What do you want to bring up to your colleagues, clients, or supervisors today, Pisces? Something is on your mind as the moon in your sign opposes Mercury in Virgo. You will have plenty of time to consider your tone, turf, and timing, thanks to the passivity of the mutable opposition. But do not let the wavering energy dissuade you from addressing your thoughts or concerns. Use the mutability to edit your thoughts, get organized with what you want to say, and set a time to discuss with the other party. 

YesterdayThursday - August 11, 2022

Let your inner weirdo shine at work, Pisces. It is time to show off your unusual talents, eccentricities, and innovation under the full moon in Aquarius. Gather your courage to be the real you at work moving forward. It might even be easier to do so since Venus is also entering Leo today. The confidence of Venus in Leo suggests that your authenticity is well-received by others in your workplace. Bravely show up during this ingress and lunation! You will be pleasantly surprised by how your individualism is received by your coworkers.   

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