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Capricorn - ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan ) Capricorn ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan )
TodayWednesday - December 28, 2022

Figure out what you need in your work environment and work-life balance, Capricorn. The summer and fall may have been tough to handle thanks to Jupiter’s retrograde in Aries. Luckily, you can now right any wrongs when direct Jupiter re-enters Aries today. This fiery transit is not gun-shy about your wants and needs to have an efficient work-life balance. Expect to feel energized, which will allow you to clean and organize your workspace. However, do not let this energy dissuade you from taking on more work than you can handle. Maintain your boundaries!

TomorrowThursday - December 29, 2022

Go your own way, Capricorn. Now that the moon is in fiery Sagittarius, this energy might appear more subliminal for you. Even if you do not see an extrinsic result of the lunar energy in your work life, just know that you may be in higher spirits than usual. To add to the positive lunation, the sun will also enter your sign today! Your astrological season is the time for you to shine like a professional superstar. It may feel like all eyes are on you, but this is nothing that you cannot handle. Show up and stand out! 

YesterdayTuesday - December 27, 2022

Be confident in yourself, Capricorn. You have so much going for you, but you do have to work on seeing that for yourself when Venus in your sign squares Chiron retrograde in Aries. With the minor benefic, Venus, on your side, you should feel self-assured as a professional. You might be seen as incredibly attractive and popular in your professional circles due to the Venusian influence. However, Chiron retrograde may act as a subliminal ding to your confidence. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, take pride in your strengths as a professional!

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