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Capricorn - ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan ) Capricorn ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan )
Saturday - July 02, 2022

The urge to bulldoze through walls and your competition will be real today, dear Capricorn, as the Leo moon illuminates your solar eighth house. Unfortunately, any grabs for power will likely be met with resistance, which could result in a toe to toe power struggle amongst an associate or close friend. You may also want to keep tabs on your tone when speaking with others due to a harsh square between Mercury and Neptune. This cosmic climate could trigger miscommunications, so you should also avoid having important conversations over text or email, lest your words come across in the wrong way.

Sunday - July 03, 2022

A mystical energy will surround you today, dear Capricorn, as the moon travels through Virgo and the sector of your chart that governs spirituality. These vibes are perfect for connecting with your higher power as the cosmos align to support and guide you. Your manifestation skills will also benefit from a huge boost, making it an ideal time for working toward your personal goals and deepest desires. Though you'll be busy dreaming of the path ahead, remember to touch base with your gratitude, thanking the universe for the many blessings you have received and those which will manifest in the future.

Friday - July 01, 2022

You should feel secure and nurtured within your deepest bonds this morning, dear sea-goat, as the Leo moon shares a supportive connection with joyous Jupiter. Use this cosmic climate as an opportunity to show your love, especially when it comes to your most loyal companions. Unfortunately, a harsh square between Mars and Pluto could cause you to falter within your personal goals, creating issues around sadness, self-doubt, or a fear of being judged. Luckily, you'll have a chance to regroup and pull yourself out of this funk later in the afternoon when Luna blows a kiss to gracious Venus.

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