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Capricorn - ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan ) Capricorn ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan )
Thursday - April 15, 2021

It’s important for you to explore your own depths this time of year, Capricorn. You’re cosmically called to revisit your past, foundations, and connection to your family. This going backwards in time is important today, as it helps you see which elements of your past are hindering your forward movement in the here and now. The sun aligns with big-picture-seeing Jupiter today, helping you break through stagnant blockages.

Friday - April 16, 2021

Friday’s cosmic landscape is chock full of action, Capricorn. On the one hand, a sense of confidence and capability imbues itself into the day—as energetic Mars aligns with big-picture Jupiter. This pairing makes it easy to plow ahead with any work projects that require an executive approach. Elsewhere, the sun squabbles with emotionally-raw Pluto, stirring up unspoken tensions between the needs of your family and your personal needs.

Wednesday - April 14, 2021

Things are beginning to lighten up in your world, Capricorn. You’ve been dealing with some ancient history behind closed doors, as lover Venus has asked you to explore the familial projects you paint onto your current partnership stories. Today, Venus moves forward into sensual Taurus, attracting positive circumstances to your sex life, creative musings, and connection to your children.

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