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Aries - ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr ) Aries ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr )
Sunday - October 17, 2021

As an Aries, you’re here to become the master of your own life and vision. The dream you picture for yourself must remain your top priority at all costs, and you may have to fight for it against those who would rather have you take a different path. Sunday’s skies offer a powerful opportunity for renewal when it comes to your approach towards ambitions and balancing relationship needs as the ego-oriented sun and transformative Pluto butt heads.

Monday - October 18, 2021

Monday’s skies pump you full of optimism and insight, Aries. Lean into that larger than life feeling! Your ruling planet, self-motivated Mars, forms a supportive connection with aspirational Jupiter. This bountiful pairing supplies you with uplifted moods, grand visions, and clarity towards future goals, especially those concerning collaborative efforts. Elsewhere, messenger Mercury stations direct, bringing momentum towards partnership matters.

Saturday - October 16, 2021

As an Aries, you’re gifted with a natural drive to see and do it all. Saturday’s skies remind you to rest up and recharge every once in a while to keep from running on empty. The moon spends the gliding through sleepy Pisces, encouraging you to cozy up and drift off into a dream world of movies and music rather than taxing yourself socially. Take advantage of the slowed-down pace and seek out solitude.

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