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Aries - ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr ) Aries ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr )
Thursday - April 13, 2023

You'll feel inspired to embrace success by moving past roles and responsibilities holding you back, dear Aries, as the Capricorn moon aligns with the Nodes of Fate. However, you should avoid taking on too much at once, especially when Luna squares off with Jupiter this afternoon. Cut yourself some slack when the moon and Chiron enter a harsh connection this evening, even if you feel resilient enough to charge forward. Unexpected gifts could manifest later tonight, thanks to a sweet exchange between the moon and Uranus, marking the perfect occasion to open yourself up to love and blessings.

Friday - April 14, 2023

Your dreams will start to take shape this afternoon, dear Aries, as the Capricorn moon shares a sweet exchange with dreamy Neptune. However, you may want to keep big plans or reveals under your hat just a bit longer, perfecting your mission from behind the scenes. A sweetness will permeate the air this evening when Luna aligns with Venus, encouraging you to let down your guard with someone special. Your words and ideas will travel far as Mercury and Jupiter connect, especially where social media and extended social circles are concerned, so be sure to keep a positive message.

Wednesday - April 12, 2023

Venus and Neptune align in dreamy Pisces this morning, dear Aries, bringing harmony and peace to the depths of your psyche. Use this energy to make peace with any baggage that's been weighing on you recently, turning to spiritual support as Luna continues to move through sparkling Sagittarius. You may be called to share knowledge and personal philosophies as the moon aspects the sun and Saturn, encouraging you to stand tall amongst your community. You'll feel a shit later tonight when the moon enters Capricorn, putting you in a pragmatic and success-oriented headspace throughout the next two days.

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