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Aries - ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr ) Aries ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr )

Week 20 of 2024

Week Starting On: May 13 to May 19


This week, you’re moving at lightning speed.

The week begins on Monday, May 13, with the sun conjoining Uranus in Taurus and your house of money. Money could fall into your lap unexpectedly. Aries, you might receive a gift of money, or you could find some money. A loan you’ve been wishing for comes through. Someone might write you a check. A big-ticket item could sell. Today, you could reap a windfall.

Mercury enters the sign of Taurus on Wednesday, May 15. Mercury will be in Taurus until June 3. During this time, you might be analyzing your spending habits, looking for the triggers that cause impulse spending and budget-busting shopping. Or you might look at systems for tracking your money or helping you find good investments. This is a good time to talk to someone about long-term financial plans and to put positive financial operations on autopilot.


It promises a week full of potential for Aries, with many sparks and opportunities in love. However, try not to set fire to anything until May 18, when Mars shares a minor aspect with Pluto retrograde, bringing good fortune and abundance into your life. 

If you're single, stay open as there may be someone new on your radar by then—someone who will make your heart smile as soon as you see them. It'll also bring passion and energy back into your life. This is a great time to focus on what makes you happy and what brings you joy, so go ahead and indulge yourself! 

At the end of the week, the universe opens your heart and makes you more vulnerable than usual. If this is usually challenging for you, this may come as a surprise. You might find yourself talking about feelings buried deep inside for years. It's okay to let these feelings out. There's so much beauty in expressing vulnerability, but don't blame anyone else if they don't react well. People can only meet you where they are.


An unexpected shift may occur early on, Aries. Expect the unexpected with your finances when the sun in Taurus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus on Monday, May 13. Something unexpected may come up that could go either way. You could either receive money or have to spend money. Since this could go either way, you may have to focus on grounding yourself since Venus in Taurus will also sextile Saturn in Pisces. The cosmic energy will encourage you to stabilize since finances can be a bit hectic, even if the end result is something positive. 

Over the next few days, you might be more open to talking about your financials and financial goals when Mercury enters Taurus. The Mercurial shift will encourage you to open up since this could help stabilize your prosperity. Use this grounded Mercurial energy to plan accordingly so that you can stick to a budget that will help you meet your financial goals. 

Toward the end of your workweek, there could be an unexpected conversation regarding a highly desired opportunity when Mercury in Taurus squares Pluto retrograde in Aquarius on Friday, May 17. Try not to worry! Everything will work out as intended over the weekend.

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