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Scorpio - ( 23 Oct - 21 Nov ) Scorpio ( 23 Oct - 21 Nov )

Week 03 of 2022

Week Starting On: January 17 to January 23


This week, changing a few words changes everything. Scorpio, you're finding your power.

The week begins on Sunday, Jan. 16, with the sun in Capricorn making a conjunction to Pluto in your house of communication. How you communicate with others—and especially yourself—is key to getting everything you want. If there seems to be too much space between you and your goals, shift your vocabulary. Pluto transforms a life by removing something tangible, so now it's time to remove defeatist thinking. Scorpio, you value the truth. Be forthright with yourself, and then consider some radical honesty with your partner, family, and friends. A breakthrough could be on the horizon.

On Monday, Jan. 17, Venus retrograde in Capricorn, in your house of transportation, makes a semi-sextile to Saturn in Aquarius in your house of family. You might have some car trouble today, but someone in the family comes to your rescue. Or perhaps you're delivering a family member to the airport. You are focused on getting from point A to point B. Scorpio, this could be the day that you pass your vehicle down to your child, who's recently been awarded their driver's license. Now you're clear to get a new car or truck.


Get ready for a roller-coaster type of week in the best type of way. On the sixteenth, you will be feeling extra magnetic but also very sensitive while the moon is in Cancer. Also, while the sun conjuncts Pluto, you will experience some clarity involving your shadows. Your psychic abilities will be heightened this day as well, so keep some crystals in your pocket and devote the day to yourself. Try to keep your trigger-happy texting hands in control while Mercury is retrograde. Do not talk to that ex unless it is absolutely unavoidable. On the nineteenth, you will feel a passionate urge to explore new territories. This is a great time to gallery hop or explore a new neighborhood. Channel any frustrations into a hot night with your partner or some deep self-love. At work, this isn't exactly your time to shine. Listen to your intuition, and you will know when the right moments offer more action. If any ideas come up, bounce them off a friend or partner to help find the best way to pitch. Adding another voice will bring you extra charisma.  


Everything is about to change thanks to the transits this week, Scorpio!

Starting on Monday, January 17, the full moon in Cancer hits your sector of experiences, expansion, and travel. The last six months may have been educationally enlightening, as you may have had several opportunities to experience new opportunities within your profession. The lunation could represent the end of an educational workshop or seminar, the finalization of travel plans, and even the peak in your experiences. You have learned quite a lot that could serve you in your career! The next day, Uranus stations direct and the north node retrograde enters a new Zodiacal axis. Now direct, Uranus is causing a bit of chaos in your sector of commitments. You may see a change of value or even loyalty within your professional relationships, contracts, and other pertinent obligations. Aside from this, the north node retrograde is now in Taurus, indicating that the south node retrograde is in your sign, which impacts the sectors of “me” and “we”. The rest of this year will be about self-mastery, understanding the value of comradery, and teamwork as you do not have to do it all by yourself when it comes to work.

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