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Scorpio - ( 23 Oct - 21 Nov ) Scorpio ( 23 Oct - 21 Nov )

Week 40 of 2021

Week Starting On: October 04 to October 10


This week, you are in touch with your spiritual side. Scorpio, your angels, and guides are walking with you.

The week begins on Monday, October 4, with Mercury retrograde in Libra, in your house of intuition, making a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius in your house of ancestors. Today, you may feel an angelic presence or be visited by your guides. This is a good day to do a vision quest, séance, or to sit and remember relatives who have gone on to the other side. Scorpio, light a candle and let the Universe know you're listening.

In the middle of the week, on Wednesday, October 6, Mars in Libra, in your house of working behind the scenes, makes an inconjunct to Uranus in your house of partnerships. Others may want you to collaborate, but today, you would prefer to be in your own thoughts and away from distractions. You may need some alone time to process some of the messages you receive from the Universe. Scorpio, give yourself some space today.


Don’t stress the small stuff, Scorpio. This means letting go of situations and people that are minimally stressing you out during the new moon on October 6. Not engaging in drama will be an amazing relief to your heart and ears. Focus on yourself now. You’re the center of your own universe—no one else is. 

If your crush or a significant other allows you to have time to yourself to think about the next path you would like to take, then they are someone who is worth investing the time in with. If they give you a moment to reflect and heal, they are showing you that they respect your feelings and want you to be the best version of yourself possible. This also shows that they trust you and believe in you unconditionally. 

If you’re wanting to spend time with your partner or crush, then it’s best to have a low-key activity that you both can participate in. Maybe doing errands together, taking naps throughout the day together, and going to yoga classes together will help your body, soul, heart, and spirit so you can transform into the best versions of yourselves.


The first week of October can significantly define your mindset for the rest of the month. Scorpio, make a point to appraise this week correctly to ensure a more positive mindset about your professional life and relationships.

All Libra-led transits have the power to either make you self-conscious or self-assured this week. From Tuesday to Saturday, October 5 to October 9, the sun is conjunct to Mars in Libra, boosting your ambitious nature. This could be the perfect transit to find peace in your professional connections, commitments, and contracts. You could lean into a self-assured mindset, knowing that you are working with all the right people. However, it could also be a more paranoid transit where you could second guess yourself. So, how do you make a point to have a more positive outlook?

Under the new moon in Libra on Wednesday, October 6, make it your goal to focus on apprehending any paranoid or anxious mindset that could negatively impact your professional life. When the subconscious scaries arise, make a point to tackle any anxious thoughts or unfounded beliefs about your professional life.

Going forward with the right mindset can be financially and professionally sustainable throughout October.

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