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Gemini - ( 21 May - 20 Jun ) Gemini ( 21 May - 20 Jun )

Week 32 of 2022

Week Starting On: August 08 to August 14


This week starts out slowly but ends with a bang. 

The week begins on Sunday, August 7, with Mars in Taurus and your house of rest and recuperation making a square to Saturn in Aquarius. Even if you have plans today, your heart’s not in it. Make this a pajama day instead and spend the entire day relaxing. Gemini, you need a day to catch up with all the information that you’ve been processing. It would be good to pamper yourself with a cup of herbal tea, a swim in a pool or some time in a hot tub.

On Monday, August 8, Venus in Cancer and your house of money opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Something you want to buy might have increased in price, but you’re still obsessed with it and thinking about buying it anyway. Gemini, before you finalize the transaction, consider looking around for other alternatives that might be cheaper.


Pay attention to give and take within your current and past relationships. There will be a lot of these around self-respect for you in the coming weeks, and it'll be important to set boundaries with those who might take advantage of your kindness. You have a lot of work on shedding your skin. The vibe will be transformative regarding your approach to relationships. 

This energy will make you see with absolute clarity how your love life must change if you're ever going to move forward towards happiness. Give yourself some time to get a small meditation session in, and ask the universe to help you break any relationship cycles you'd rather not relive.


The concept of value will come up throughout your workweek, Gemini.

How do you feel valued in your career path? Keep this question in the back of your mind when Venus in Cancer trines Neptune retrograde in Pisces on Sunday, August 7. The trine could reveal the value of your accomplishments, position, and status. It could refer to your compensation, but it might also refer to how others view you based on your professional legacy. Utilize this soft trine to react appropriately to ensure that you are valued correctly by those you work with. Opportunities to expose the power dynamics and control behind your compensation may come a few days later when Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Although the opposition can be intense, given that truths may come to light, it can help you transform your finances. By Thursday, August 11, Venus will enter Leo, and there will be a full moon in Aquarius. Expect to feel like the center of attention during professional conversations and with your immediate work community while Venus is in Leo. Then the full moon will wrap up a period of professional development. Find the silver lining in your recent experiences!

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