Capricorn Free Weekly Horoscope Forecast

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Capricorn - ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan ) Capricorn ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan )

Week 40 of 2021

Week Starting On: October 04 to October 10


This week, there are choices and different directions you can go. Capricorn, you need to take the helm.

The week begins on Monday, October 4, with Mercury retrograde in Libra, in your house of job opportunities, making a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius in your house of money. This aspect comes at a perfect time if you're starting a new job or taking on a project. This is a good day to ask for a leadership role or to apply for a transfer to a different department. Capricorn, plant the seeds for good opportunities with this positive energy.

In the middle of the week on Wednesday, October 6, Mars in Libra, in your house of authority figures, makes an inconjunct to Uranus in your house of risk-taking. Perhaps you feel you have been living small and being too cautious. You might be ready to do something bold. But the moment you do, some authority figure (or someone who thinks they are your authority) leaps out to tell you "no." The Universe has brought you a test and is asking if you're truly committed to your plans.


All work and no play can make anyone feel dull. It can also affect our romantic and personal lives, especially if we are only focused on work. There will be a ton of shifts happening at the office during the Libra new moon on October 6, as the company you are working for may be in the process of restructuring. It may be hard for you to embrace these new moves, as you’re a creature of comfort who doesn’t like change. 

Use this as an opportunity to create balance between your professional and personal lives. Don’t work so hard that you forget to take care of yourself and give your significant other attention. Allow yourself to spend equal hours working as you do resting during the day and canoodling with your partner. 

Do not overextend yourself with work and burn the candle at both ends. Find unique ways to express your creative sentiments to others now (which may be challenging for you to explain at the moment). With the right forethought, you’ll be able to without a hitch. Having projects or artistic endeavors that you take on with your partner will prove to be healing, meditative, and bring you closer together.


The first week of October is career-focused! Capricorn, what do you want to accomplish in your career this month?

From Sunday to Monday, October 3 to October 4, Mercury retrograde trines Jupiter retrograde, which is positively aligning your financial status with your career. This may be the perfect time to manifest financial pay-off from your professional endeavors!

The peak of your week is on Wednesday, October 6. On this day, the new moon in Libra will peak in your career, and Pluto will station direct in Capricorn. It is an incredibly auspicious day for you! Under the new moon in Libra, you should create a wishlist of everything you want to accomplish in your career over the next six months. It may be easy to do so as Pluto is now direct in your sign, which brings an end to a rather transformative period. You can expect to feel empowered in your professional endeavors!

For the rest of the week, the sun, Mars, and Mercury Retrograde will be working together in your favor. All three planets will be geared towards tackling your professional goals. Now is the time to get started on your course of action to be successful!

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