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Capricorn ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan )
TodayThursday - May 28, 2020Flirt

May 28, 2020: You may turn on the outrage over something your friends are smirking about -- but don't let them cover up your feelings! You might even shame them into helping you do something about the situation.

For Singles

May 28, 2020: This is your chance to apologize for a mistake you made these last few weeks or go back and try to fix something that was your fault. No guarantees, but you get credit for trying!

For Couples

May 28, 2020: There won't be a better time to get that big talk out of the way any time soon, so see if you can make time to sit and chat. Your partner might be easily distracted, but the important stuff shouldn't take long.

TomorrowFriday - May 29, 2020Flirt

May 29, 2020: You and your people are coming through for each other in a big way, though of course, you're the one doing most of the heavy lifting. The thing is, you don't mind so much this time around.

For Singles

May 29, 2020: Some say that opposites attract, and you might be attracting some people who are quite unlike you right now. Do you find their qualities alluring or irritating—or maybe a bit of both?

For Couples

May 29, 2020: If your partner needs to have a serious talk, see if you can convince them to take a rain check. It's not that you don't care—far from it—but you're going to have a hard time staying focused.

YesterdayWednesday - May 27, 2020Flirt

May 27, 2020: If you're seeing someone, you might find that things have heated up way faster than you had thought. You may want to take a step back, but don't let your sweetie think you're running!

For Singles

May 27, 2020: Break out of your shell, chill out, and have fun today. Reach out to your friends and do something awesome in whatever way you can right now.

For Couples

May 27, 2020: Your romantic energy is powerful right now, and you should be able to sweep your partner off their feet yet again. Try something small and lovely rather than big and showy. You don't want to nuke them with love.

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