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Capricorn ( 22 Dec - 19 Jan )
TodaySaturday - October 24, 2020Flirt

Oct 24, 2020: It might feel as if you've had a few cups of coffee early today -- but without the shakes! Your mind is clear and sharp, and now is the perfect time to grapple with anything that has been hard to understand.

For Singles

Oct 24, 2020: A little extra introspection yields exponential results at the moment. Toss out your expectations about your own feelings and desires and consider them anew. It'll be amazingly empowering.

For Couples

Oct 24, 2020: Build your plans for your relationship on a deep foundation and you'll create something that will last. You've already got a good start, so keep on the same path.

TomorrowSunday - October 25, 2020Flirt

Oct 25, 2020: Try to make sure you're still not too weighted down with excess stuff -- or emotional baggage, for that matter! You need to slow down and get rid of anything that's over your limit.

For Singles

Oct 25, 2020: Being sedentary isn't doing you any favors. Get your heart pumping. Walking is good. Dancing is even better. Best of all is falling in love. The heart isn't just a physical muscle; it's a spiritual one as well.

For Couples

Oct 25, 2020: You can't be happy with just a relationship alone. Get out there and explore. Activities and friends in all areas of your life will increase your sense of satisfaction with things. Take steps to broaden your mind.

YesterdayFriday - October 23, 2020Flirt

Oct 23, 2020: You need to reconnect with nature in some way, even if you're a city kid through and through. Hug a tree, walk by the water or just get a wee bit of fresh air circulating through your lungs.

For Singles

Oct 23, 2020: A fresh perspective is at your fingertips now, one that allows you to perceive all the various elements of a romantic situation with new clarity. Then you can decide if you like what you see.

For Couples

Oct 23, 2020: Your partner is expecting big things of you. You don't want to let them down, but you're not entirely comfortable with how much they're depending on you to pull this off. Ask them why this is such a high-stakes matter.

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