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Taurus - ( 20 Apr - 20 May ) Taurus ( 20 Apr - 20 May )
TodayThursday - April 13, 2023Love Overview

A tremendously challenging day awaits you, Taurus. You’ll be facing one of the most difficult periods of the year. This is because today the mighty sun, our great luminary, will be cast beneath the icy shadow of Saturn in your solar tenth house of career as they unite in an exact conjunction. Demands will be heavy on all sides — from bosses and professional matters, leaving your significant other to resent you. Depression, hard truths, and ultimatums are likely to appear. If single, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have any energy or desire to meet someone romantic today.


Someone -- maybe a really close friend -- says something so weirdly, thoughtlessly rude that you have no idea how to respond. That's just as well, because the last thing you need to do is escalate!

TomorrowFriday - April 14, 2023 Love Overview

The universe is bringing profound messages to you today, Taurus. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss them! Jupiter, the mighty planet of miracles and expansion, has been dancing within your solar twelfth house for many months. On one hand, this has made your intuition stronger, but it also means that someone or something — perhaps even a guardian angel — is working behind the scenes to ensure your happiness. Mental Mercury will strike gold as he links in a sextile to Jupiter, ensuring that you can use your ideas to transform your life and personal relationships. Sit down in silence and listen.


You and your pals are feeling a bit more on the ball than usual, and you should be able to understand them much better than last week. You may have some good advice -- if they're willing to listen!

YesterdayWednesday - April 12, 2023 Love Overview

Valentine’s season is especially magical at this time, Taurus. Your planetary ruler, benevolent Venus, the goddess of love, will soon unite in an exact conjunction with her higher vibration, majestic Neptune. The two will spin in glory within your solar eleventh house of communities. You may suddenly realize a best friend or acquaintance is the soulmate connection you’ve been hoping to find. This could even be an ex or someone from your past who once again crosses your path. If committed, spend some time with friends and your sweetheart out and about. Embrace this magnificent day!  


It's not all that often that you feel like the conservative voice, but right now you need to keep the status quo in some small way. It might feel hopeless, but this is one of those things that must be done!

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