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Taurus - ( 20 Apr - 20 May ) Taurus ( 20 Apr - 20 May )
TodayTuesday - May 14, 2024Love Overview

A new moon’s energy will start to arrive beginning today, Taurus. This is because new moons erupt like the dawning of a new day and always bring something fresh for you to face. For you, this lunation highlights your solar tenth house of achievement, which does mean you could end up being focused more on your ambitions and long-term plans rather than connecting with your romantic partner. While you could be swamped with work, be sure to schedule some time to relax and unplug, whether that’s with your one-and-only or socializing amongst friends.


Someone is surprisingly similar to you in their beliefs or attitudes today, and you should be able to get along much better as a result. Get a little more info out of them early today.

TomorrowWednesday - May 15, 2024 Love Overview

Murky skies have appeared yet again, Taurus. In fact, it could be one of the most challenging days of 2023! Your sweet and charming planetary ruler, Venus, will fall to her knees before a mighty Saturn, the Great Taskmaster, as they unite in an exact conjunction. He will suck the joy right out of life. Prepare for sadness and loneliness in relationships as these two planets smother one another. This is not the most ideal moment for interacting with people — and regardless if single or attached — you may actually just prefer some alone time. You may feel like life is stressful now, especially as you juggle relationship demands with the weight of your ever-growing career.


Think about the future, though it might seem as if you're already there! You may not be half robot or on your way to Mars quite yet, but you do feel as if things are changing pretty quickly.

YesterdayMonday - May 13, 2024 Love Overview

A new zodiac season is upon you, Taurus. Aquarius season has arrived! During this period of the year, we are collectively encouraged to link up with others who can relate to and understand us. During this time, we expand our perspectives of who we are and what we bring to the table. By interacting with others, we can fit into a tribe that loves and supports us. Also, one of the best ways to meet new romantic options is always to slither through your network. After all, by having an organic mutual connection, you can be certain that you’ll have some basic foundations in common.


Someone at work or school is acting out, and there's no easy way to walk away. Just roll your eyes and try not to let them see that they're getting to you, if in fact they are.

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