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For The Month Of August 2021


Homey Delights

While you might be busy in certain areas of your life, Taurus, the sun’s presence in your home zone until August 22 is a call to nurture yourself. No matter how crazy your schedule is, make time for some pampering, self-care and relaxation. If you need to delegate some tasks to allow this to happen, then do it.

Are you ready to give your place a makeover? If you feel your home lacks sparkle, this could be one of your jobs this month. Even just getting rid of clutter and adding a new coat of paint can make a real difference.

The new moon in Leo on the eighth could be a game changer because it’s perfect for making a fresh start. Whether you’re thinking of moving, remodeling, taking a special family vacation, or any other idea, this is the time to start. You might want to be bold and take a risk, and those famed Leo qualities of courage and leadership can assist you.

Dealmaker Mercury moves into Virgo on August 11, so you might be drawn to leisure options that involve learning a new skill or participating in cultural activities or crafts that require attention to detail.

Sweet Venus enters Libra on the fifteenth, and you may seek balance and harmony. If your life seems disjointed or you feel overwhelmed, this is the time to make a few changes.

The full moon in Aquarius on August 22 could put you in the spotlight, so be sure to act with integrity in everything you do. You might feel moved to speak out on an issue that is very personal to you, and doing so could help others who are affected.

Finally, the sun’s move into Virgo, also on the twenty-second, means you are in a peak time for creativity and romance. Be sure to enjoy yourself and make the most of it! 


There’s a positive earth trine between your ruler Venus in logical Virgo and eccentric Uranus in your steady sign on August 3 that can add some fun little changes to your love life. Although there’s nothing too earth-shattering about this transit, there are enough unexpected moments to keep you guessing.

Communicative Mercury partners with critical Virgo starting on the eleventh, so the next couple weeks you’ll be focused more on what someone you’re with or you like is doing wrong than what they’re doing right regarding texts, calls, or e-mails to you. There’s nothing wrong with having high expectations, but everyone can’t be perfect. You don’t have to point out every little spelling error.

Loving Venus exits Virgo and enters charming and more cooperative Libra on August 16, immediately opening you up to new romantic possibilities. Remember that you always have the right to say no, though, Taurus. Don’t go along with something you don’t want to do just to be polite.

Ever-evolving Uranus is in your conventional sign when it goes retrograde on the nineteenth, giving you a reprieve from some of the unexpected changes your love life has been subjected to lately. Take a few moments to go back over a romantic situation you feel you could have handled better and think about how you’d do it differently next time.


August is a mixed bag of juxtaposing energies. Jupiter graces the career sector of your chart all month, which can help heal past financial issues. It’s a great time to buckle down and pay off all your bills with some financial planning. Professionally, you could be in more demand than ever, bringing you many clients and prospects. 

The Leo new moon on August 8 can give you a new sense of self, offering you new roads to travel in your creative ventures. This is also a time of self-reflection in which you can organize your dreams and visions. 

Uranus retrograde on the nineteenth, which aligns with your sun, allows you to see if impending investments are worth their weight in gold, giving you the opportunity to make sound choices about where to invest your money. 

The blue moon on August 22 is a great time to shed the past in the realm of your career. You might be inspired to take on exciting projects that help you evolve into the best version of yourself. The lunar energies at play are motivating you to try a unique approach to how you handle your professional life. This is an amazing time to hit the refresh button and revive your career. The world is waiting to see what you come up with now.

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