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Scorpio - ( 23 Oct - 21 Nov ) Scorpio ( 23 Oct - 21 Nov )

For The Month Of August 2021


Top Spot

Enjoy the spotlight, Scorpio, and use this opportunity to reach your goals and impress all the right people. The sun in your fame zone until August 22 can be just what you need to propel you to greater heights. And with clever Mercury in Leo until the eleventh, these early days could find you eager to take advantage of new opportunities, especially those that involve your creative and entrepreneurial side.

Make full use of the new moon in Leo on August 8 to kick-start anything new. It might be the next phase in a career or business plan or a chance to step out on a new path. Your actions could be noticed by others, which is great for accountability and staying the course. If you make a promise, keep it and your reputation will be enhanced.

Dealmaker Mercury moves into Virgo on the eleventh, giving a boost to your social life and inspiring you to link up with your tribe and others on your wavelength.

Sweet Venus enters a private sector on August 15, which means it’s time to turn your loving attention to yourself. If you’ve been too busy for self-care, reflection, and a chance to chill, this is your opportunity to make it happen.

The full moon in Aquarius and your home zone on the twenty-second highlights your work/life balance. If something is out of sync, this when you’ll really notice. Don’t push your feelings away, but take note of them. It might be time to reorganize your day so that you have more time for all the important things.

Finally, as the sun moves into Virgo for a four-week stay, also on August 22, you might be ready to make a dream come true. If this is something you’ve wanted for a long time, you’ll be enthusiastic about making it happen.



Asteroid Juno is associated with partnerships in regard to commitment/betrayal themes, and as it stations direct in knowledge-seeking Sagittarius on August 3, it’s a good time for you to seek some answers regarding your own behavior. If you’re insecure or jealous, it’s time to explore those feelings.

There’s a fiery new moon in dramatic Leo to look forward to on the eighth, bringing excitement to your love life in the form of romantic surprises and passionate spontaneous moments. Whether you’re happy being single, looking for a relationship, or in a long-term committed partnership, embrace the possibilities that are surrounding you now.

There’s a trine between powerful Mars, your ruler, in earthy Virgo and ever-changing Uranus in steady Taurus on August 22, which is a great reminder that you can aim for perfection in love, but you rarely get it. Your high standards are admirable, but just because you don’t reach your lofty goals doesn’t mean you failed.

Communication manager Mercury moves out of introverted Virgo and into outgoing Libra on the thirtieth, and if you haven’t ever talked with your crush in person, this is a great time to see if you’re compatible. If you usually have a hard time getting a word in around a current partner, you shouldn’t have to fight as hard to get your point across now. 


There is a lot going on for you this month regarding money and work. Your bank account feels like a roller coaster, and the tense aspects to the nodes of destiny on August 9, August 11, August 15, August 24, and August 29 are making you seek inventive ways to make money. 

Financial security is important to you, but you’re aware that finances fluctuate throughout life. It’s important for you to keep track of the amount of money you’re spending on your business and for fun. Sticking to a budget will help you stay on track and on task when it comes to how you allocate your money. 

Work is another complicated situation in your life. When the new moon occurs on the eighth, you could be inspired to follow a new professional dream. Perhaps you’ll join a team at work, get a promotion, or find a new job. The one thing to look out for is the bottom line of any opportunity. 

You don’t want to make friends and create intimate relationships when Uranus turns retrograde on August 19. You’ve had enough of personal partnerships getting in the way of being an effective leader all month. Use the blue moon on the twenty-second to set boundaries with upper management and the people you work with.

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