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Sagittarius - ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec ) Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )
TodayFriday - August 12, 2022Love Overview

Sweet Venus, our goddess planet of love, beauty, and attraction, is jazzing it up in a fellow Fire sign, Sagittarius. As she trines your zodiac sign, you’ll feel more magnetic, irresistible, and free-spirited than you normally do! This is a true blessing from the universe, as you’ll notice ease comes to your personal and romantic life. Also, if you’re open to dating outside of your normal type, such as someone from a different background or homeland, this could open your eyes to great and vast levels of wisdom. Go for it — you won’t be disappointed!


Your romantic instincts are on fire right now, and it's the perfect time to say hi to someone new and see if things heat up. Of course, if you're happy with your sweetie, don't look any further.

TomorrowSaturday - August 13, 2022 Love Overview

You may feel like you’re in a battle of wits, debates, and fierce intellectual wars today and tomorrow, Sagittarius. As the mighty sun, our great luminary, spins in the skies of your solar ninth house of wisdom, he will become chained down by icy Saturn now in your solar third house of ideas. This shows that you could realize you and a partner are just not seeing eye-to-eye or that you’re seeing major opposition to your plans and goals. Either way, make sure that you’re taking some time to unplug and chill out rather than throwing barbs at a significant other who will also be having a bad day.


Your creative energy is amazing right now, so mix it up with new dates and bust into something entirely fresh and exciting. It's a good time to invigorate yourself.

YesterdayThursday - August 11, 2022 Love Overview

While this week could feel a bit like you’re walking on eggshells, today’s cosmic energy will let you turn your attention to sensual pleasure, Sagittarius. As mighty Mars, the red planet of sex, passion, and drive, turns a corner, he’ll link perfectly with magical Neptune across the sky. This link is often one that can predict a soulmate connection could be right around the corner, so if you’re single, make sure you’re not stuck at work all day so you can set up a date with someone who intrigues your mind, body, and soul. If committed, nuzzle up naked in bed with your one-and-only.


You may feel a little foggy today, but it's a great time to expand your horizons and try something totally new. You might be able to shake off an old habit you've been trying hard to break while you're at it.

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