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Sagittarius - ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec ) Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )
TodaySunday - September 19, 2021Love Overview

Sagittarius, you're likely keeping to yourself for the time being, whether you're single or attached. Whether you decide to take a personal day or perhaps some time to go within, you're gaining tremendous insight. This time is especially significant for those of you in a commitment that isn't set on a firm foundation, as you are likely taking some time to reflect and review. After all, with the moon igniting your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings, there's no denying your feelings. Luna will also trine Venus via your unconscious twelfth house of secrets, inspiring you to release something in the process.


Competing events and agendas have everyone guessing and you need to stay flexible just to keep up. Others will admire and maybe even be attracted to your natural adaptability right now.

TomorrowMonday - September 20, 2021 Love Overview

A full moon will touch down on your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings, bringing something significant to fruition in the process, Sagittarius. Single? It's not that you're reluctant to the idea of a romantic commitment; you're simply more preoccupied with family matters and, more importantly, your sense of stability. On another note, Luna will be in harmony with transformative Pluto via your comfort-seeking second house of money-making abilities and sense of self-worth, encouraging you to prioritize your value systems during this time. For those of you already committed, this is an opportunity for you to take a step back and check in with yourself.


You might feel like the day is determined to drop trouble in your lap, but you can give those conspiracy theories a rest by late this morning. You'll have plenty of friends at your side (and fun things to do) by then.

YesterdaySaturday - September 18, 2021 Love Overview

You've got a lot on your mind, and you're trying to make sense of it, Sagittarius. In addition to the moon in Pisces encouraging you to go inward, you're likely seeking justice in a romantic situation. In the meantime, luscious Venus continues to wander through the depths of your secretive twelfth house of closure, dreams, and hidden agendas, highlighting everything from a secret love affair that you've been keeping incognito to the sacrifices you've made in matters of the heart. Something significant is coming to light during this time, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Don't disregard what you already know to be true.


Try for a slower approach -- or, better yet, hang out on your own for the day and let your social batteries recharge. Sparks might fly if you rub up against other folks too abruptly.

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