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Sagittarius - ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec ) Sagittarius ( 22 Nov - 21 Dec )
TodayThursday - April 13, 2023Love Overview

Lie low today, Sagittarius. Dark energy is emerging and could be rising up for you to face! As the mighty sun, our great luminary, spins in the skies, he will become punished by icy Saturn as they unite in an exact conjunction now in your solar third house of ideas. This reveals that extremely bad news could emerge out in the open — perhaps related to something you have said or posted. Enemies may have it out for you, ready to tear you down, especially concerning your personal or romantic life. Do your best to lie low and not rock the boat.


Your social energy is still vibrant and alive, and you should find it much easier to really connect with strangers. Meeting folks at a party would be perfect, but any old place will do.

TomorrowFriday - April 14, 2023 Love Overview

Buckle up for a fabulous day for sex, love, and kink, Sagittarius. Feeling feisty? Let the energy overtake you. In fact, you could feel your loins burning with vengeance, just begging for release from the moment that you wake. This ferocious attitude is where you soar — eager to conquer, submit, or thread the line between danger and seduction. Mental Mercury in your solar third house of communication tosses a flirtation over to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, screaming moans from your solar fifth house. This could lead you into a sexting marathon with a suitor or spontaneous role-play!


You've got friends who are stuck in the past, but you don't mind -- it gives you a chance to check your memory against theirs, or at least to rest up while they gab all day.

YesterdayWednesday - April 12, 2023 Love Overview

Trust your intuition about your Valentine’s plans, Sagittarius. This is because sweet Venus, our goddess planet of love and beauty, spins within the heavens and will sing a hymn with majestic Neptune, now spinning softly in your solar fourth house of home and domesticity. They will unite in a perfect conjunction. This is a five-star day to enjoy intimacy, sensuality, and pleasure behind closed doors with your one-and-only. While committed couples will likely enjoy this energy more, singles can use this time to dig deep into their emotions to heal whatever is bothering them.


You are finding other folks much easier to get along with today -- even those who usually seem a little annoying. Make nice and see where things go. You never know who might have a crush on you!

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