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Cancer - ( 21 Jun - 22 Jul ) Cancer ( 21 Jun - 22 Jul )
TodayFriday - July 30, 2021Love Overview

Mars and Venus are conjugating via your chatty third house of communication, thought process, and inner circles—energizing and harmonizing everything from your exchanges to your immediate surroundings. Giving that special someone those “come hither” eyes, Cancer? Your environment is lit and let's face it: You wouldn't have it any other way. In the meantime, Luna will hover over your eleventh house of community, friendship groups, and sense of belonging in the world, bringing emphasis to your social life. Perhaps for some of you, this will revolve around your social media game, too. Don't settle for the "no strings attached" if you're looking for the real deal.


You might feel like reaching out, especially toward people you've been feuding with. Cleaning up relationships is your specialty right now, and they don't even have to be your own.

TomorrowSaturday - July 31, 2021 Love Overview

Does their Instagram bio say they're “the one,” Cancer? The moon continues to roam through your freedom-loving eleventh house of associations, community, and sense of belonging in the world, bringing attention to themes surrounding your social life—especially those of you who are feeling utterly smitten over someone via social media. Keep in mind, Luna will be in harmony with flirty Venus via your third house of communication, thought process, and local environments which, in turn, presents you with the perfect atmosphere for sweet talks and connection. In other words, get your flirt on and show your cutie why they fell head-over-heels for you.


Your words are smooth as silk, so ease on up to that cutie and whisper in their ear. You never know where a nice chat will lead.

YesterdayThursday - July 29, 2021 Love Overview

Stop overthinking it, Cancer. Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, charm, and sensuality, continues to dazzle your curious third house of thought process, communication, and immediate community—caramelizing and harmonizing everything from your conversations, to your lusty daydreams. And though you're prone to getting caught up in the logistics of it all, the vibes feel sweeter than sweet. On a more challenging note, however, Luna will continue traveling alongside the wounded healer, Chiron, and face off with Pluto retrograde via your committed seventh house of significant others and one-on-one connections. Don't try to take control of the situation; this could be blocking your happiness. 


No clearance rack for you today -- you deserve the best of everything and you deserve to show off what you've got. As long as you can afford it, you can flaunt it. The world is your runway.

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