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Aries ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr )
TodayThursday - May 28, 2020Flirt

May 28, 2020: You don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, but it does seem to work out that way today. Try to remember to watch those around you for signs of shock -- then you'll know you've crossed the line!

For Singles

May 28, 2020: Watch out for a romantic roadblock ahead! It's there for a good reason. Is pushing through it really the best route to take? Try taking a detour!

For Couples

May 28, 2020: Sometimes relationships are tough, and other times (like today) they're easy and breezy. You're having a great time, and most likely your partner is also feeling good about the way things are going between you.

TomorrowFriday - May 29, 2020Flirt

May 29, 2020: You are pushing in one direction more than your friends think is healthy, but it's still a good time to keep it up. They'll figure it out once you've jumped on that hot, new opportunity!

For Singles

May 29, 2020: Getting something sweet going is incredibly easy now thanks to the big boost your energy is giving you. Moreover, high tech is favored, so how about checking out some dating apps for new prospects?

For Couples

May 29, 2020: Now is a fantastic time for you to sit down with your partner and really talk. It doesn't have to be deeply serious, but your communication skills are so sharp that you'll easily be able to get what they're saying.

YesterdayWednesday - May 27, 2020Flirt

May 27, 2020: Open up to a friend or sweetie -- you should be in the mood to reveal more about yourself, and they should be eager to hear it. You're going to have to let them speak their mind, too!

For Singles

May 27, 2020: Are you freaking out trying to divine when that hottie will contact you? You need to be patient and find something else to occupy your mind. It's when you finally forget them that they will reach out.

For Couples

May 27, 2020: Whether or not you're living together, you're going to need to deal with shared stuff today. It might not be a conflict, but there will be some low-level weirdness about joint custody.

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