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Aries ( 21 Mar - 19 Apr )
TodayWednesday - August 12, 2020Flirt

Aug 12, 2020: You have too much to do on your own, but still, you'd rather help your people deal with their own issues. Sometimes it's best to direct your energy toward your people to keep the flow alive.

For Singles

Aug 12, 2020: Take a real break today and get outside, experiencing all there is to see. Tonight, do something comforting. TV in your pajamas?

For Couples

Aug 12, 2020: Communication could be a little more difficult today. See if you can put off any major discussions until later. You won't be able to read your partner quite as easily as you usually can.

TomorrowThursday - August 13, 2020Flirt

Aug 13, 2020: Are you totally lost when it comes to that one friend or hottie? All you have to do is settle down and pay attention -- they're about to open up! If they don't get started soon, that might be a message unto itself.

For Singles

Aug 13, 2020: You're all about fresh starts and new opportunities, but your energy is pushing you to apply it to the romantic present (and maybe past) instead of the future. Figure it out right away.

For Couples

Aug 13, 2020: You need to be extra certain that your partner is with you, because you're going to feel the urge to try something radically different. Most likely you'll both feel great afterward.

YesterdayTuesday - August 11, 2020Flirt

Aug 11, 2020: Now is a good time to get started on new relationships -- you have so much great energy that you should be able to attract the best partner you could ever get. Go out and find them!

For Singles

Aug 11, 2020: You may be ready to fire off a flirtatious e-mail, but a low-key approach gets better results now. A simple question can work wonders!

For Couples

Aug 11, 2020: Try not to worry about your partner's ever-changing moods. They aren't going to make any serious decisions without you, and most likely they'll snap right back to where they started soon.

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