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Aquarius ( 20 Jan - 18 Feb )
TodayMonday - October 19, 2020Flirt

Oct 19, 2020: You're on the verge of a big discovery -- one that should make life a lot more interesting, and maybe more liberating. Keep your eyes open and poke around places you haven't been in a while.

For Singles

Oct 19, 2020: Your intentions are the best. You think there's not nearly enough magic in the world. You're going to single-handedly charm and delight every person you see. A potential cutie sees and takes note.

For Couples

Oct 19, 2020: You're feeling a little pent up, even angry. You need to get something off your chest, but you don't know what to say. Pull aside your partner and start chatting about whatever. Eventually, you'll get to the meat of the matter.

TomorrowTuesday - October 20, 2020Flirt

Oct 20, 2020: Your energy is perfect for getting people to link up together, maybe creating something much larger than the sum of its parts. You should be able to provide the spark of creativity that's so important.

For Singles

Oct 20, 2020: You're always so focused on putting the other person at ease and making them happy. What about you? Do you have fun in their presence? Do you look forward to your meetings? Be honest with yourself.

For Couples

Oct 20, 2020: It's really time to take a vacation, or at least plan one. It's the perfect time to schedule some well-earned rest and relaxation with the one you love.

YesterdaySunday - October 18, 2020Flirt

Oct 18, 2020: Something you share with a friend or family member comes between you today, though it's not a deal-breaker by any means. You just need to make sure you're both dealing as well as you can.

For Singles

Oct 18, 2020: Sometimes the game of love involves some mishaps, but don't let yourself change your standards entirely. Being worried that someone better won't come along is a terrible reason to accept a date.

For Couples

Oct 18, 2020: It's so tempting to act on impulse, and what could possibly go wrong? Hold your horses, especially if this notion involves your significant other. You might have some explaining to do.

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