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Gemini - ( 21 May - 20 Jun ) Gemini ( 21 May - 20 Jun )
TodayFriday - July 30, 2021Love Overview

Your savvy planetary ruler, Mercury, is now transiting through the flamboyant sign of Leo and sizzling through your chatty third house of communication, thought process, and immediate surroundings. Feeling yourself, Gemini? Say it loud and proud; express yourself. The catch? Mischievous Mercury will face off with the moon in your secretive twelfth house of secrets and unconscious patterns, creating tension between your hidden truth and the tone of your delivery. By all means, there's nothing to fear when speaking your truth, but be mindful of the way you're coming across. You might even be reluctant to express your sentiments… but it doesn't hurt to ask yourself why.


Make a list of the qualities you would like to find in a partnership and a partner. Be specific and, of course, be realistic as well. Reads it every day for a while and before you even know it, this person might become real.

TomorrowSaturday - July 31, 2021 Love Overview

You could be feeling more introverted than you're comfortable admitting. Don't sweat the small stuff, Gemini. In fact, with the moon hovering over your solitude-seeking twelfth house of closure, dreams, and all things behind the scenes, this is your cue to take a step back from the grind and call it a day. I'm sure your cutie will understand. Besides, there's always FaceTime. Fortunately for you, the sun's conjunction to your curious planetary ruler, Mercury, bestows you with the charisma, courage, and pizzazz to work the camera. In other words, if you're not in the mood to socialize, post a snazzy selfie with a caption that says, "Miss me?"


That hottie might be staring holes in your head, but they still can't read your mind. Make it clear how you feel, and send them packing or reel them in.

YesterdayThursday - July 29, 2021 Love Overview

Keeping things casual, Gemini? Luna governs your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances, and values, but it continues to shake up your freedom-loving eleventh house of associations, friendships, society, and sense of belonging in the world. Who are we kidding? Contradicting paradoxes come with the turf of being a Gemini, but you're also torn between the desire for something real and exploring your romantic horizons. Some of you might even prefer the "no strings attached" vibe—where you can have your cake and eat it, too. However, Luna's square to Pluto via your sultry eighth house of intimate unions, isn't going to let you get away so easy.


It's so nice to find people who think like you do. Enjoy your lively back-and-forth, but be aware that you can carry that sarcasm too far. Others, even kindred spirits, might take you seriously.

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