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Pisces - ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar ) Pisces ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar )

Week 03 of 2022

Week Starting On: January 17 to January 23


This week, patience and persistence bring success. Pisces, you have the secret formula.

The week begins on Sunday, Jan. 16, with the sun in Capricorn making a conjunction to Pluto in your house of future. Have you heard of the Stanford marshmallow experiment? This is a test where children test subjects are left with a single marshmallow and told if they wait to eat it, they will earn a second marshmallow. The children who waited became very accomplished adults. Now, it's time for you to look at where short-term thinking is tripping you up. Pisces, ask your future self what you should do today. When you think in this farsighted manner, your road to success becomes clear and easy. In fact, it becomes a superhighway.

On Monday, Jan. 17, Venus retrograde in Capricorn, in your house of friendships, makes a semi-sextile to Saturn in Aquarius in your house of hidden issues. You might find out something confidential about a friend. This could happen inadvertently, and now they swear you to secrecy. It's even more likely that they don't know you know. Pisces, you are a good friend, but you might be wondering whether it's wise to keep this to yourself. 


It might be up to you to keep the peace in your friend group this week. Let your helpful nature take the front seat amongst any conflicts that surface. You will notice people overreacting and getting tongue-tied, helping them verbalize their feelings. On the eighteenth, you might feel more deja vu than usual, so carry a journal with you to record any significant downloads or realizations you might have. You may have cleared your path to bring more freedom to your life the past year. Now it is time to see how much work you have done. There is still work to be done, though, especially in your finances. Think about your routine and make sure your time management aligns with your long-term goals. On the twenty-first, you will feel extra fishy, so take yourself to a body of water or indulge yourself in a day at the museum. This is a great day to have deep conversations with your loved ones or learn a new skill with bae. Think long showers, bubble baths, saunas, and foot massages.  


This week’s astrological transits are going to majorly change your life, Pisces.

The full moon in Cancer brings a creative cycle to head on Monday, January 17. Over the last six months, your means of style and branding may have changed. So, the lunation is your cosmic incentive to consider what creative methods and processes are worth nurturing from here on out. Uranus will then station direct in Taurus the following day, bringing a communicative revolution to your life. You may come to value your communication with coworkers a bit differently, perhaps with new insights coming in during brainstorming sessions. Uranus could even disrupt your commute to work as well, changing up your public transportation system or something unexpected happening to your car. On the same day, the north node retrogrades into Taurus, which now puts the south node in Scorpio. The north node could trigger a change in direction thanks to Uranus shaking up your conversations and means of travel. Be open to where the new paths could lead! Finally, the sun enters Aquarius the day after. The solar energy highlights your subconscious mind, encouraging you to reevaluate your innovation and ingenuity. Honor your inner mad genius with Aquarius!

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