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Pisces - ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar ) Pisces ( 19 Feb - 20 Mar )

Week 52 of 2022

Week Starting On: December 26 to January 01


This week, you’re intuitive about almost everything.

On Tuesday, December 27, Venus in Capricorn and your house of friendships makes a semisextile to Saturn in Aquarius and your house of charitable endeavors. Pisces, you might join a friend to help out at a local shelter, food bank, or the nonprofit community theater in your neighborhood. This is a good day to do something to give back to the community.

On Wednesday, December 28, Venus sextiles Neptune in your own sign of Pisces and your house of physical presence. You are turning heads today. Everyone is saying how attractive you look and how great your outfit is. Pisces, you’re putting your best foot forward, so this is a good day to meet new friends. If you’re looking for love, this is an excellent time to go on a first date, even if you’ve only just started communicating via text.


If you've been indulging in a flirtation recently, things could get more real toward the beginning of the week. Your monthly lunar return will activate your desire for intense bonds, and with so much love in the air, it would be hard not to fall into something deeper. If you're not in the midst of a romantic prospect, use these vibes to practice some radical self-love, so you can usher in the new year with confidence and a full heart. 

Mid-week will reactivate your intuitive and spiritual sides as the Aries moon travels through your house of personal growth. As the universe for guidance when it comes to matters of the heart, and be sure to release any pain that's still lingering from an old heart wound. 

The Taurus moon will usher in an abundance of merriment beginning on the thirty-first, just in time for the new year. Reach out to some of your colleagues to see if there are any events worth going to. It’ll be useful to get in a little networking or team building as you celebrate the beginning of 2023. With the year wrapping up there might not be a ton of opportunities to go on dates, but once January 1 hits, you can bet that the opportunity will soon present itself. 


Are you ready for 2023, Pisces? As 2022 comes to an end, you should enjoy the holiday festivities at the beginning of your workweek. Taking time off work to relax, be with your loved ones, and reflect on the year is necessary since you deserve a break. 

Later in the week, it will be time for you to connect with your colleagues on and offline while reflecting on the progress you have made as a professional when Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in your sign on Wednesday, December 28. Although this transit is hopeful and positive, it would be best to maintain your discernment so that you have a clear idea of how you are presenting. Having a clear perspective will also allow you to gain valuable insight into your greater professional community, connections, and professional aspirations. 

By the following day, you may feel self-assured in your professional and financial security during the first quarter moon in Aries. Fiery Luna could even encourage a last-minute pursuit to end your year on a high note! But before you do, make sure you have all of the necessary details or information ironed out since Mercury will station retrograde in Capricorn. 

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