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Virgo ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep )
TodaySaturday - March 28, 2020

Mar 28, 2020: This is a good day to take another look at any brewing tension in one of your closest relationships. Don't be afraid to be brutally honest with yourself about what's been going on. The sooner you face your fears, the sooner you'll see that they aren't that scary after all. Some strange cross communication has been going on, and it might be time for you and this person to figure out what exactly you're doing in each other's lives. Good things can come from having a conversation.

TomorrowSunday - March 29, 2020

Mar 29, 2020: Someone is going to get what they want by appealing to your analytical side today, but you may find yourself buying their argument emotionally as well. Today could be the beginning of a shift in your perception. You're much more willing to see the other side of arguments and let people slide on the silly stuff. You're mellowing out, and the people around you are feeling more comfortable presenting new ideas and getting you involved in their mental adventures.

YesterdayFriday - March 27, 2020

Mar 27, 2020: You might be moving too quickly for others today. Your brain is firing on all cylinders, and not everyone is going to be able to keep up! But don't give it a second thought. Let other people go at the pace that feels most comfortable to them. You can't adjust your timetable to suit the needs of others, and moving on without them won't create any tensions at all. It's a time of every person for themself, when you just have to do what you have to do.

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