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Virgo - ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep ) Virgo ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep )
Sunday - February 28, 2021

As a Virgo, you’re never one to rest on your laurels. Sunday’s skies see you primed for action, as the moon marches through your sign. Luna’s final day in your sign is a strong one, as she makes a series of energized aspects. This offers you the chance to express yourself directly and to advocate for your own needs. Later, the moon slips into easy-going Libra, slowing the pace down.

Monday - March 01, 2021

You need something to sink your teeth into today, Virgo. The moon marches through rational Libra, focusing your attention on activating your talents and bringing them to life. It’s easy to do just that today, as the moon forms a strong link to quick-thinking Mercury and visionary Jupiter. It’s an ideal day for applying to or interviewing for a job, or simply pushing to get ahead in your field.

Saturday - February 27, 2021

Be gentle with yourself under Saturday’s skies, Virgo! You’re in a sensitive headspace after last night’s emotionally stirring full moon in your sign. Your body and individual needs should rank near the top of your priorities today, as certain feelings that emerged last night need further digesting. Come nightfall, the moon dances with Neptune, putting an idyllic lens on partnership matters.

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