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Virgo ( 23 Aug - 22 Sep )
TodayThursday - November 26, 2020

Nov 26, 2020: You could reach for your wallet without thinking. Impulse buys are out, in case you still need to be told. You'll get a quiver of an urge, but nothing you can't manage to resist.

TomorrowFriday - November 27, 2020

Nov 27, 2020: You're digging deep and getting nowhere. You're the curious type, but even with an intellect like yours, you can't tell where you went wrong. This is one for the history books to analyze, not the living.

YesterdayWednesday - November 25, 2020

Nov 25, 2020: Money has you burned out. Every discussion doesn't have to be about what has true value in life. Just shooting the breeze can be worth more than gold. Your first task of the day is finding someone who has a talent for simply hanging out.

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