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Leo ( 23 Jul - 22 Aug )
TodayWednesday - October 21, 2020

Oct 19, 2020: What would you do if you were pulled over for speeding? Would you act arrogant and above the law? If you think that just might double your fines, then use the same logic to figure out the right response to the situation you're in today.

TomorrowThursday - October 22, 2020

Oct 20, 2020: You need to brainstorm your way out of this, because a shovel won't do. Get together with your friends. What may start out as simple socializing may turn into teamwork with just one conversation.

YesterdayTuesday - October 20, 2020

Oct 18, 2020: You can't overindulge even if you wanted to, but do you really want to? If you stop to listen to your emotions, you may find you were full a long time ago. As you now know, that's not the same as feeling satisfied.

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