Ace Of Swords

All About Ace Of Swords, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Ace Of Swords Description

When the Ace of Swords appears in a spread it may suggest a struggle of some sort. Aces bring change but although these changes may be clear in our own mind other may have adverse reactions.

The power in the Ace lends us the upper hand in a situation, there is no confusion we know exactly what we want and have the inner strength to hold our ground. The Ace of Swords is a welcome card during times of conflict or friction.

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Ace Of Swords Upright

A resurgence like the phoenix, complete change of mind. Triumph conquest. It symbolizes justice, power, authority, fertility. Manly man, eager for victory and with great confidence in himself. Extremes love and hate. Accompanying death with 3-9-or 10 of the same suit next death, except when inverted. A strong mental power communicates with you. Your mind sees reality as it is. Understanding, understanding and knowledge. Incapacity of character. Rest after the battle. Commitment that can not be evaded. Difficulties in pregnancy. Badly disguised love. Lust, a couple that seeks to have children. Money.- good results. Multiplication of income. Rewards, Repartition gains.

Ace Of Swords Reversed

Destruction violence, little intellectual force, conflicting character and quarrelsome. Triumph through struggle Great effort limit situation. Strong fevers. Serious infections. Accidents with serious consequences. Few sexual and sentimental scruples. Power competition with the couple. Possibilities of triumphs are many but we will have to fight for them.

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