Knight Of Swords

All About Knight Of Swords, One of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

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Knight Of Swords Description

The Knight of Swords is flighty and always on the move. He’s elusive and unpredictable and thrives on change. He has a sharp mind and enjoys activities that provide mental stimulation.

His carefree disposition and quick-witted humor and elusive nature make him somewhat irresistible but this guy is hard to pin down. He may show interest for a while but his need for change may soon lead him down a different path.

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Knight Of Swords Upright

Over 21 and under 35 years of dark complexion and hair, tenacious with ability to rise from a strong failure. Aptitude for the races of arms (military, police, sworn guard). Fanatical, intelligent, skilled and dominant fighter. Fight hostility and wars. Physical and mental exhaustion. It is characterized by a great love for freedom. You hate any limitation or coercion. If a situation becomes suffocating you get up and take flight. You are a kind person and pleasant conversation. Your friendly presence radiates sympathy but sometimes you talk too much, you think it's hard for you to practice. Indications sterility and sexual apathy. Difficulties of coupling with the couple. Monetary triumph.

Knight Of Swords Reversed

Care danger of death. extravagant and incapable person. Obstacles and errors. Mental diseases. Depressed health, singleness, shyness, contempt, rejection, sparse sexuality. This letter gives money without working hardly.

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